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    >> 2) How come the great helm has only 300 hit points while the strongest armour has 320?
    Gaiz, I don’t understand OP’s second question but I’m a little curious. Is he saying the strongest helm should have same hit points as strongest armor?

    >> I’ve never seen the Great Helm. Does anyone have a picture?

    Oh, you. (〃・ิ‿・ิ)ゞ

    >> Even after more than sixty ingame hours, I have not seen a helmet with an armour of more than 300.
    What… you too? Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)

    Tsk tsk tsk.
    You people……
    How dense (´・ー・`)
    Gaiz, take a hint already.

    Does this explain what Rap was saying?
    *Cough* *cough* Seriously, anyone seen the great helm? Also, this helm. I’ve never seen it in any store.

    When GOD mentioned about identifying our men, I suddenly imagine about 12 brothers equipping the same equipment…..

    Can we have 12 different indicators/pointers (preferably with different colors) above the head of our men? Maybe something like this, ace melee unit has gold sword icon above his head, melee unit with best defensive ability has a blue shield icon, and it’s all your choice. When 30 v 30, you don’t have to look hard to find your brothers among your allied force. Most importantly, you’re now very clear about the position of your men. That’s probably crucial to a good battle plan.

    By the way, now I using logo on shield to identify my men more easily. (though all of my men are quite characteristic)

    in reply to: Game balance (Spoilers) #4430

    Enemy archers seems never run out of arrow. Not sure if it’s a good idea.

    in reply to: Strategy, Guide, Tactics, Tipps, Newbie Help …? #4423

    Minor things you can easily find out but I’ll put it here in case useful to anyone
    ==> It takes exactly 4 days for inventory in store & recruits available to refresh/shuffle.
    ==> the refresh triggers at beginning of a day(the 4th day)
    ==> items sold to store will disappear after the refresh
    ==> after the refresh, the items/recruit is NOT determined until you enter the building/castle. This is useful if you want a shield with Unicorn symbol but you don’t want to wait like, 40 days.
    ==> the date of refresh might differ for different locations, but goods and recruits in same location always have same refresh date
    ==> Before you engage/join a battle, your scout will speak gibberish. I’ve translated it for you.
    a few = 2~3
    some = 4~6
    many = 7~10

    Gaiz… I’ve never thought about this until now.

    How do you discard an item?
    (I don’t mean selling it, well I don’t mind selling it but there’s no convenient store deep in the mountains)

    in reply to: Suggestion Collection #4406

    1) Also, would it be nice if we can hide trees when in battle, so only tree stump is visible? In a forest, sometimes it is hard to identify whether the terrain is blocked by trees.

    2) I’ve just met Orc Berserkers. They’re made of pure muscles. Ahem, I mean they have a lot of hp without armor. Do/Could we have an enemy with a lot armor but with 1 hp?

    Do you feel angry when you’re slain due to some very minor mistake or accident? It was an overwhelming victory, except the fact that everyone is going home without you. Similarly, there are a lot of angry souls that linger around the battlefield. Once in a blue moon, some of them manage to possess a set of complete armor and this gives them a physical form. They resembles a full armor knight that wanders restlessly at night, and this is what the folks call them…

    Ghost in the Shell.

    Spectral Armor would be a nice name but too bad it’s also an item name in another famous game. Anyway, you get the idea.
    Hmmm…. On second thought, this enemy will be extremely vulnerable to dagger/knife skill Puncture. Is it possible to have enemy with a lot of armor without hp?

    in reply to: Post Your Company Name #4405

    Dear lord… can’t you people come up with original and creative names?

    Total War –> Bandits, Orcs, Undead are everywhere. It would be nice if they have a tea party together….
    Besieged –> Here’s the bad news. They don’t like tea. They like you.
    This War of Mine –> It’s all about you and your buddies, agree?
    Orcs Must Die –> Orc’s sexy and muscular body gets all the chicks, always.
    Chaos Legion –> Our members ranged from rat catchers to nobles, you name it.
    Attack on Titans –> I’m not sure how tall you are, but orcs look really tall to me.
    Jormungand –> What do you mean you’re making money without selling weapons?
    Guilty Crown –> Just don’t ask how many lives are sacrificed for this stash of fortune. This is my Guilty Crown.

    Well…. ahem, ahem…. let’s be a little more serious.

    Battle Brothers –> current/first gameplay, which is also experiment gameplay for learning purpose
    Well, if I start new game after learning most stuff in the game, I might use some really cheesy names.

    Thanatos – the avatar of death.

    Here goes a really cheesy/pretentious one. Read at your own risk. (cover face with embarrassment)

    They say people like us always head for places where blood is spilled…
    And we’re accused to grab whatever left by the dead…
    So from today onwards, our band will be known as…
    Raven’s Claw.

    in reply to: Suggestion Collection #4400

    There are several threads in suggestion forum, I’m not sure which to post or what to do. I’m afraid that starting a new topic would make the forum slightly more messy so I’ll put my probably-already-mentioned-a-million-times ideas here.

    Having 12 men as team member limit is just nice. But it would far better if we can build a camp to station our men, so we can swap members for different missions and tasks.

    Non-urgent but this really adds flavor to the game
    When raiding enemy fortress, it would be nice to see them having palisade as outer wall, and higher ground(altitude 3) at 4 corners of the fortress as lookout tower, rather than………. just plain wilderness called Cutthroats Hideout.

    Well, I believe everything else is already in progression.

    in reply to: Strategy, Guide, Tactics, Tipps, Newbie Help …? #4382

    8) I’m a tactician but also The Manager –> Reload the game when stats gained is not quite favorable.

    You sure about the tactitian and manager? Seems like a plain save scumer to me. Worst possible tip of the century. Don’t do it. It will ruin the fun and flow of the game.

    I’m not sure but I think it will reduce the chances of getting owned, as original poster requested. Max stats growth is 200% of min stats growth.

    No offense but I think you’re kinda harsh towards the original poster. It’s like asking him not to load the game after being wiped out in a battle. If you can load game after being wiped out……. Why can’t you load game after +2, +2, +2 catastrophe? They key is, don’t overdo it like an obsessive fool (except for OCD or perfectionist). You should only delete your saved game after you’re wiped out like, 3 times. This is what I deem fair to the original poster.

    Hey, I can’t edit my previous post… so I’ll leave this here. Engage battle near town enables militita to join your battle. Someone has to die in war, but it doesn’t have to be your men.

    in reply to: Strategy, Guide, Tactics, Tipps, Newbie Help …? #4379

    I apologize in advance if I’m mentioning stated/redundant points because I didn’t read any post (except the first) in this thread. I’m new to this game so I wanna explore the game myself. Also, I’m kinda noob in strategy game like this so don’t expect reliable ideas.

    0) Why can they own me while we’re both wearing the same thing?
    –> Are you sure you’re wearing the same gear? Did you pay attention to the way they move and strike? Try and mimic your human enemies. You will pick up a lot of essential basic stuff.
    1) pick your fight –> Though not stated, you have “The Hedgehog” passive buff. On world map, you always move slightly faster than any other unit. So you can outrun/bully anyone of your choice. But you have to pay attention when you approach forest, as units in forest can only be detected when you’re very near. Yes, it might be too late to turn back when you noticed them, so be ready to press pause.

    2) picked the wrong fight –> somehow the randomly generated terrain doesn’t suit your taste or you’ve just found out that 1 orc is as strong as 2.5 human, load game or retreat. DO NOT fight a battle which you think there is 75% chance to lose.

    3) if you can’t beat em, join…. -> Ahem, join ANOTHER team. Run for the nearest guard tower, they will deploy “the punishers” if hostile unit is nearby. Are punishers really punishing? Can they be defeated? IF they’re defeated………. the guard tower will deploy another team of punisher until………. the enemy is punished. If you’re too weak to kill steal for exp in the co-op battle, you can still obtain equipments if your side emerge victorious.

    3b) I like popcorns and I insist to see caravans suffer –> lure an enemy unit into the caravan, now sit back and watch. (I’ve never tried this myself, it’s too inhumane)

    4) why do you need archers? –> They have low DPS and you always have to protect them. But sometimes, God of Terrain favors you. Your team might appear on high hills (by the time enemy detours to your picnic location, half of them is dead. But this only applies to light armored enemy.) or natural tree fortress (with very few entrance to guard). IMO, make ¼ of your team as archers is a good idea in mid phase of the game, before your team turn into heavy armored units or armorless berserkers/assassins(melee unit with perk Perfect Focus)

    5) watch your steps –> all friends and foes can move 4 grids/steps per turn (except werewolf). If you stand at the 4th grid in front of an enemy, he can only get close with insufficient AP to attack you. This will enable you to have far better planning in battle.

    6) I noticed the armor breaking wpn is only good at breaking armor –> yes, you’re right. I can tell you slashing wpn will not harm armor much too. In order to kill enemy efficiently, you need two types of weapon. You can assign half of your melee units to equip armor breaking wpn. Or, get both Quick Hands & Bag and Pelts perks. This is more devastating than any first tier perk in offense category.

    7) Shift the frontline –> The “frontline” enables your unit to face a maximum of 2 enemy units. Of course, if you feel lucky today you can cope 6 enemies with a unit with Shieldwall. Why do you need to control the frontline? Because enemy is a tactic genius. They tend to swarm towards the upper/lower end of your frontline OR the weak spot of your frontline (your fragile units included archers and units without shields). It’s very clever as they bully your vulnerable units with larger numbers and rendering your ace melee units unproductive. So make sure you adjust the frontline or formation timely.

    8) I’m a tactician but also The Manager –> Reload the game when stats gained is not quite favorable. Expel the high level faithful buddy who fought life and death battles with you, if he has low stats at level 1. Replace his position with a genius (with high stats at lv 1). Why do I have to do these painstaking and cruel things? Because this is the only way to the Ultimate Team.

    9) I insisted to fight orcs anyway, even I’m not a fan of LOTR –> you knew orcs warriors have A LOT of head+body armor, a lot of hp, and with devastating wpn. Ranged units have no way to defeat them (only scratch the orcs a little before death arrives). You must rely on melee units. The core essence of melee battle is, let’s see who have better weapons and armors, and nobody is going to stop until someone dies. Because AoC(Area of Control) system doesn’t allow you to leave (or it’s not wise to leave). Long story short, your units need to reach certain level, picked the correct perks, and has sufficient armor in order to defeat the orcs. So you can only overpower them, but not outwit them.

    in reply to: Offense Perk "Head Hunter" #4356

    So far all perks I’ve seen (that means almost all perks in offense category) shows its activation or effect in some way. You can definitely tell whether a perk is activated or in effect. For example, an additional text named “fast adaption” is shown during relevant situation. Similarly, you can also see the increment of damage enabled by perk Full Force. As for Berserk, there’s no noticeable indication when the effect is triggered, but it’s quite unlikely you wouldn’t notice the sudden restoration of AP.
    So…… I’m not sure if Head Hunter is the only exception.
    On an irrelevant note, I kinda like the part where the game tells you if an effect is triggered. Most games miss out on this tiny feature.

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