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    >> The current factions are enemies of each other. And everyone is attacking everyone all the time, unfortunately mostly we do not see it. Usually such conflicts occure at the faction borders.

    Regarding everyone attacking everyone, it’s quite true because other than humans, everyone else……….      are monsters.

    Humans might not attacking monsters all the time, at least not for merc and bandits, they’re not chivalrous enough for that. Yes, I agree that the guard captain would slay all monsters to keep the town safe.

    To clarify, bandits will attack other bandits from different faction in current game system, right? Well I think it is normal if we rarely witness the conflict between bandit factions, since their bases are in the woods and we tend to travel with road. But have you seen two bandit factions fighting over a town?

    >> Why wouldn’t an orc band attack the bandits? Same humans in their eyes. Why not the zombies? Easy prey. Etc..
    An orc band would attack the bandits, because humans are very racist because you just can’t reason with savages. On even terms, I don’t think bandits will have a lot of motivation to attack orcs, as they’re strong and have less valuables compared to human targets. Well, a band of bandits attacking a “puny” orc band is justifiable though. Yup, easy prey and easy money.

    >> There is always gain. If you see a bandit group fighting an orc group why wouldn’t you jump in assuming they both are too busy with each other and weakened. Same goes for any other faction.

    It couldn’t be more correct than what you’ve said.

    *while being impressed, slowly move away from Sky*

    (The way he speaks it, I can feel The Evil Within him. Those eyes….. he’s the real thing.)

    I don’t think anyone will let go the opportunity to pick up what is left from two fighting parties. Now this leads to another question, when should the third party interfere? When either fighting party is dead? Or when either/both party is almost dead?

    >> Easiest way to see this is at the very start, after accepting the quest and gearing up just wait for the settlement to pop out a caravan or depending of the road-hideout position even 2-3 caravans and attack, all of them will be forced to help.
    I’m a little bit lost here. First, follow the caravan departed from a settlement, I can do that. But what should I do for second step? I’m not very sure I understand second step clearly.


    >> Units and bases already have a radius. Here is a dev video with turned on dev tool, it is an old one. Just watch it and many things will be more clear about the mechanics itself. That is why I think there should be no problem adding in reinforcement raidus or similar to the existing ones.

    Thanks a lot m(_ _)m
    I’ll watch it soon.


    >> Unfortunately the devs didn’t give out a testing version with enabled console and commands for testing purposes.
    (Man…. (ーー;) I can feel the evil presence from him again….)


    Yea, I’ve always to ask, how do you quote a single sentence from someone’s post? Or can you redirect me to this site’s BB code page?

    in reply to: Frozen Time #4517

    >> A larger scouting radius for bases would be possible, reflecting watchtowers and such.
    (…….!!! )
    (That’s right, watchtowers.)
    Nice~ I’ve never thought about that, though I’ve been looking for such justification. It sounds like it makes a lot of sense too. A small justification would make a big difference for picky gamers like me.

    (who says GOD is cruel all the time? I’ve proven you wrong, war orphans)

    Hmm…… but on second thought, if we use watchtower as justification….
    Well, you see, when a town is being raided you can see it burning with smokes from very very far away (this feature has impressed me a little, realistic and relevant to gameplay). So according to devs logic, wouldn’t a watchtower make us easier to spot the location of an enemy hideout (even if the watchtower is not next or close to the hideout, it’s hinting the location like crazy)?

    Also, now I really curious whether a bandits fortress/hideout has a watchtower. Can we summon someone who is good with medieval settings here?

    >>He’s talking about fights between different factions (undead and orcs, for example) that you can end up in.
    Interesting. I’ve never experienced one. How about you? Do you have any easy way to trigger this? I mean, like wandering along the border(or middle point) between an area with filled with undead and an area with filled with orcs?

    in reply to: Frozen Time #4513

    >> Yup, it’s already works in the game like this. Having reinforcements appear on the edge of the map, instead of starting out in the center might be implemented at some point. Similar when you are aiding a battle, that has been going on for a while, and you start a few hexes away from the front line.
    Yes I realized that. But I’ve never seen people come and aid me when I’m in a battle. Isn’t it strange we can see other people fighting and we have the time to reinforce/join them? But when we’re in battle ourselves, everything happens so fast as if the time is froze-
    Okay, my bad. We’re already done with that topic.

    Pardon me for posting continuously, Jago and I posted around same timing so I only saw his post afterwards.

    in reply to: Frozen Time #4512

    >> Territory isn’t really a concept in the game, though .
    Do you mean it’s not a suitable concept or a concept yet to be implemented? (or it doesn’t fulfill the definition of “concept”?). You know, I’m curious so please don’t mind if I’m being a little annoying talkative.

    If you’re talking about what I’ve mentioned about territory, I don’t actually intend to divide the areas into territory or something. All I want is the base to have a special radius, which increases the detection radius of their men as long as they’re within it.

    [ It seems even if you fought 100 rounds in a battle, the in-game time would not advance by an hour. Would it be nice if every 3 rounds advance time by an hour? ]
    >> Your first post talks about advancing time by an hour for every 3 rounds, not by minutes.

    This reminds me of a puzz- quiz.

    How did someone come up with the equation of “every 3 rounds advance time by an hour”?

    A) ctually it is calculated by super computers. Expert programmers and gamers have tested it gazillion times to make sure it is the optimal equation.
    B) ut it’s in the first post, first second sentence! It hasn’t been discussed by anyone else! What if everyone rejects it!? How could someone comes up with such dedicated equation even before discussion has started?
    C) ome on, it just doesn’t make sense. Too risky and too illogical. Wait a minute…
    D) ear Lor-  GOD, I think I’ve figured out the answer!! Could there be any chance it’s only a less meaningful number for illustration and explanation purpose? ………….well, after some careful contemplation, I still think the answer should be super computers.
    E) xactly! You’ve answered correctly. The answer is a.

    >> Be they from same faction or different does not matter, they will be drawn into battle.
    Well, I prefer unrelated faction not to join the battle. No one does something which has no gain to them. Okay, I will kneel down to all the volunteers over the world later, but not now. However, I do prefer undead to join all kinds of battle. Because they don’t have the intelligence for this sort of gain/loss thing, and all of you gaiz(whether mercs, bandits, orcs) are equally food to them.

    >> Wish there were more 3 way battles and still looking to find a 4 way battle tho seems impossible.
    More 3 way battles? How do you enter a 3 way battle? Do you mean the co-op battle where militia and you fight against bandits?

    in reply to: Utility Skill Tree Discussion #4497

    Fearsome: This is a good skill, and again don’t make my mistake, it is far more useful if taken by an archer or a 1h char. Simply cuz they attack twice or more. The 2h dudes can release its full potential only at specific times with the area of effect (aoe) attacks. Good as is.


    1 captain guy to solve any fatigue issues (monk is good potential background for high resolve) – sundering strikes, fast adaption, colossus, taunt, student, pathfinder, footwork, captain, fearsome (not the best way to spend for 2-hander arguably,) rally the troops.

    ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

    Fearsome: Interesting perk for 1-handed weapon users, just too many uninspiring choices required to get to it.


    #Fearsome – useful, especially for archers and one hand users


    Fearsome – A good perk, it’s very good for orcs with their tough armour but low resolve. Again though this feels like an offense perk.


            S.    E.    R.     I.    O.    U.    S.    L.    Y.    ?

    After I started a topic asking for confirmation on this perk, which ended up with no reply, I tried to perform more detailed experiment. I’ve weakened a band of orcs into a group of 2 orcs: 1 orc young and 1 orc warrior. And I’ve never lay my hands on these experiment target in previous mentioned battle. Then I saved the game.

    I tried using the same brother (which has 10 unspent perk points) to compare the effect of Fearsome on these two targets. I align ruler with morale bar on monitor to check the morale changes. With or without Fearsome, the effect on morale reduction is EXACTLY THE SAME.

    Fearsome’s skill description: Even attacks that only damage armor trigger a morale check for the opponent.
    I think there are two ways to interpret this sentence, if you wanna be very precise.
    1) the most reasonable interpretation ==> You were not allowed to reduce enemy morale by damaging their armor, but now you can do it
    2) the literal viable interpretation ==> Nothing changes except the warhammer’s skill Crush Hammer(it’s a skill that can only do dmg to enemy armor, but not to body) can now reduce enemy morale when you hit enemy body with it

    But according to my experiment, you can’t reduce enemy morale by damaging his armor, even with Fearsome.

    I was about to report this as bug but I want to make sure I’m not missing anything first. So I google “battle brothers + forum + fearsome” which leads me to this thread. Then I saw everyone praising the godlike perk. You won’t able to imagine my expression.

    What have I done wrong? Can someone come and tell me what should I do now?

    in reply to: Frozen Time #4495

    >> Sure, you can beat a group in front of a base. They just won’t get help from their comrades because you’re probably too strong for them to come out. They’ll come out if they think they can take you and reinforce the fight. They’re basically chickening out, so to speak.
    About fear theory, I’m “away” and they are “home”, not to mention they have far larger numbers than me. If I’m fighting the enemy elsewhere, another flees due to spinelessness I can understand. But this is their home and their last stand. I basically doing something like putting a knife at their throats, there’s no way they’re not motivated to fight back. I believe they would fight with extremely furious spirit, like nothing you’ve seen before.

    Ahem, back to the game system. There are several times I raid multiple enemy units near their base. There is a time I raid 3 enemy units one by one outside their base. Their distances with each other is like, if they take several more steps they can touch other. But they just walk here and there, around the same location, while I slaughter their comrade. Each of them is just slightly weaker than me. If two of them join hands against me, I might take more trouble to win. If three of them join hands, I would have a hard time or an unexpected casualty. If their base deploys men too, I’m very likely to be wiped out. Of course, what happens in reality is that I take them out one by one, which I think is very strange.

    So I suggest to slightly modify the AI if possible, which is more viable.

    Enemy should have the ability to communicate within each other’s detection radius. Maybe by blowing whistle and rising signal flag or something, they should have something to signal each other within detection/visible radius, right? While enemy within communication accesses your strength, they will compare their total strength against yours.

    Now let’s assume the detection radius of enemy is same as us. So we saw them when they saw us.

    Scenario 1: you saw 2 enemy, both of them can defeat you without the help of another, they will simply chase after you.
    Scenario 2: you saw 2 enemy, both of them can’t defeat you without the help of another, they will immediately rush towards each other. After they stick close enough, they will chase you.
    Scenario 2b: an alternative to scenario 2, if you think enemy is smarter than they look, they will rush towards the interception point (somewhere between you and the two enemies) so they can engage you with less time. After they rendezvous at interception point, they will begin the pursuit immediately if you’re running away.

    Also, increase the detection of radius of enemy when he’s in his own territory. You might ask why. I can give reasons like they have better grasp of terrain so spotting enemy without getting spotted is like a piece of cake, but I will tell you honestly this is because of…….. fun.

    And about base chickening issue. Come on… o(-`д´- 。) even if their genius tactician is so paranoid about falling into a trap, they should send at least half their men if you’re pretty close when you bully their buddies.

    >> These fights won’t be over in 80 seconds, but 10-15 minutes for a medium sized battle (12-12) with good armor on both sides sounds realistic. The largest battles would probably take 30 minutes at most, including hunting down routing units (i.e. finding that last archer).
    This is EXACTLY what I think. That’s why I keep thinking that a 10~20 minutes battle has some chance for reinforcements or enemy scouts to join battle, depending on the battle location. Even if we put aside all these random encounters about being discovered by another enemy unit amidst battle, at least the enemy base and enemy should reinforce their friend if you bash him right in front of their eyes (or visible range), where the distance is 20 minutes walk or less.

    It might be particularly fun when you chase a slightly weaker enemy into the woods, just to see two enemy units coming out of the woods :D

    in reply to: Frozen Time #4485

    <<<<< LONG TEXT WARNING >>>>>>

    >> That would be relevant if you had to actually find each other in the forest. That’s not the case, so it isn’t about familiarity, but distance. The distances in combat are short and would not take much time to traverse. The same applies to the ability of the unit’s to quickly engage each other in combat, as I described above. They might not always want to, but they can if they so choose. This is different from a game that has the assumption of larger distances as there you cannot engage each other quickly, even when you want to (Rome Total War).

    Hmm, I’m not sure why would you say that. I thought when we’re ambushed/surrounded in forest, you know they’re coming in all directions (as opposed to the right side in usual battle), but you won’t know how many of them coming in a certain direction, unless you have spotted all of them, which takes several rounds. Well, in a forest you’ve never been before, with so many trees hindering your sight, and the terrain is rather uneven, how can you easily traverse the area and locate/attack the enemy? I not sure about it, but I doubt ordinary fighter can sprint in forest, zipping left and right between thick layer of trees, and deliver a lethal blow to enemy by charging into him. I think makes more sense if the human warrior treads carefully in forest, trying to locate enemy before enemy does the same on him, so he can launch preemptive strike on the enemy. It just doesn’t feel right if the warrior can dash in such situation. I can definitely foresee the scene where he was tripped by a large emerging root. If a unit can quickly engage another on plains, I would definitely accept it. Because you have clear sight thus better grasp of the situation(less uncertainty or hesitation), and the even terrain allows you to charge at the enemy.

    >> As for the time spent on the battle itself, that just seems long because it’s turn based rather than real-time. The events taking place of which the turn-based system is an abstraction, actually happen much more quickly in this case.

    Yes. I realize what you’re trying to say. It’s not just happening much more quickly, but everything is actually happening simultaneously. If a slash takes about 5 seconds (or 4 AP), a round would be about 11 seconds. If you take 7 rounds to finish a battle, you would have spent about 80 seconds.

    I dunno… even if I always realize how the AP depicts the pace of the battle…. Even if you describe the battle as if it happens within a split second….

    BUT my men just travel from left side of the map to the far right, and one of my men guard against a bandit boss with shield for several rounds at far left, then other brothers come back to rescue him, finally we kill the last archer at far right. It doesn’t look like everything happens in a flash. These people are moving too fast! Everyone is moving too fast! It’s weird that a confrontation has no hesitation or contemplation at all. I mean, even boxers would wait patiently for an opening to attack. And these people just….
    bam! Bam! Bam!
    … end of battle.
    I dunno, maybe it’s just me. (Does anyone else think 7 rounds definitely take more than merely 80 seconds?)
    You can’t convince me, leave me be.


    >> Because units within range of the battle already take part right now. This means that for reinforcements during the course of the battle to be implemented, you’d need to make it possible for units farther away to join the fight. For those units to ever join, turns need to take a relatively large amount of time, otherwise they will never show up. You’d also always have to act fast as the entire map is effectively enemy territory.

    Well, I’ve thought about enlarging the radius for NPC to join a fight. But it just doesn’t feel right, according to what I feel towards time. But it’s far easier for devs to enlarge the radius so it’s good in its own way. I can’t stop getting the feeling there should be a chance for you encounter a second enemy scout group when you’re battling the first at night time, where you’re not expecting it to happen at all because you didn’t spot the second enemy scout, and you didn’t expect the battle to drag on.


    >> The enemy bases already sent out groups depending on whether they think they can take you, they just don’t leave the base unattended (to my knowledge).
    Hmmmmm? Seriously. Why is it different in my case? Can someone else confirm this? Anyone routed enemy units in front of enemy base before?

    >> A time consuming battle is already resource intensive in that you have to replace everything used and lost, plus that you already expend further resources through moving around, recovering, buying, etcetera on the world map. Having the amount of time you spent on the battle itself have an effect on this is an unnecessary punishment that does not facilitate interesting gaemplay

    Fatigue already reflects this so you don’t have to change anything if you want to see that kind of dynamic. Adding incremental fatigue increase however, would result in it eventually becoming impossible to act, since a unit’s recovery would eventually be unable to keep up with the cost of actions. This will happen much sooner to a low fatigue character, giving high fatigue characters a game breaking advantage on top of all the advantages that it already offers. As for the undead, most of them do not tire, so unless you’d manage to kill them all in a few turns it’ll become next to impossible for you to beat them.

    The current fatigue system doesn’t reflect the mental and physical impairment of prolonged battle.

    How can a team be in a battle for 30 rounds, when their weapons are on the verge of breaking, yet their fatigue is as good as new? I just can’t believe it…
    1% extra fatigue cost(rounding down) per every 2 rounds is a punishment? JUST HOW MANY rounds you’re intended to stay in a battle!!?
    Well… if weapon getting exhausted can be fun…. why are you discriminating fatigue? I don’t get it… I don’t get discrimination at all.


    >> Spear and dagger? What are you talking about?

    Hehehe. Nothing.

    in reply to: Frozen Time #4480

    >>The point is that you’re not face to face, but seconds away from engaging. Terrain might slow units down before they reach each other, but not by that much. Everything about the map suggests this, through the size of the map, the scale of the units and objects, the amount of AP you get per turn, the lethality, how far you can move, etc. To clarify, It does not take minutes to swing a sword twice and for the other to dodge and counter-attack, but seconds. Same goes for running past a tree or readying your shield.

    Well, we have different opinions about how fast a human can act in a seemingly-hard-to-move forest, where he has never visited before. And different opinions whether human warriors will rush straight towards opponents at the first sight, like a salvage.

    About “seconds away from engaging”….. I dunno. It always seems to me that a 12 v 25 battle takes a quite a while. Walk here and there, kill the undead, undead revived, and killed him again. It sure look very strange to me that a nearby enemy unit doesn’t come to join the battle while I’m spending time to fight his friends. It’s even stranger that I can take down multiple enemy units that gathered right in front of their bases, one by one.

    >> You’d want to rush when time becomes something that can result in your position on the world becoming worse, which is what would happen if time moves at such a pace that reinforcements become viable. This is because for reinforcements from either side to a viable factor, time would have to move at a rapid pace as otherwise they’d never show up. Time moving that fast results in the player always getting punished for taking their time, rather than their approach being dictated by the circumstances of the battle itself, because time passing is bad for the player as it means losing resources.

    Well, time doesn’t have to move fast. Why reinforcements have to come? Reinforcements don’t have to come…. unless it’s justified. Should enemy reinforcements come if you’re bashing their people in front of their base? What makes you think you shouldn’t act fast in enemy territory, especially when you’re alone with no reinforcement?

    A time-consuming battle should be resource consuming too. I thought a long war spent A LOT of resource?

    >> Furthermore, you’d get a disconnect between what you see happening in combat and the amount of time that you’re told is actually passing.

    Err… *look left and right* Well…. I don’t quite understand. Why?

    >> Also, having fatigue cost increase by a percentage per turn would also quickly result in combat being completely crippled. Having low-fatigue characters would be impossible, undead would become invincible and the only viable way of fighting would be killing the enemy as fast as possible.

    Imagine a high fatigue contestant fighting with a low fatigue contestant. The contestant with high fatigue will definitely use the difference in fatigue to his advantage. He will hold out as long as possible and deliver the final blow when the other contestant is tired. But it doesn’t mean the latter contestant can’t win. So please do not discriminate people with low fatigue. Yes, of course he has to fight faster. That’s exactly what it means of having low fatigue!

    You mean Skeleton would be invincible because their morale cannot be lowered? Or they would invincible because they’re extremely resistant to ranged attacks? But that’s exactly what it means to be a skeleton!

    You see…. I really hope you would respect the dead. I mean, accept the way they are. They might not be the same like us but you can’t ask them to be like us. Because…… they’re just different, but not less.

    >> Also, fighting a spear with a dagger from far away would be impossible…

    That’s exactly what it means to wield a dagger!

    That’s exactly- etc etc etc
    >> I just don’t see adding passage of time being worth the effort or actually improving the game. It’s pretty much fine the way it is now.
    Well…. *smile* you pretty much can guess what I’m going to say against this, after I’ve been talking for so long. Still, it’s just something I prefer. I do realize it is not easy to implement this, even if anyone likes it. Because everything changes if time moves in battle.

    in reply to: Frozen Time #4474

    Nonono I don’t mean a battle with 12 v 14 scale would take an hour. All I want is the time to flow within battle. Please allow me to begin with a quiz.

    Question: How long do you think it takes to travel from blue circle to red circle?

    Answer: I think it’s about an hour (you can travel forth for 11 times and back for 10 times in a day = 21 times divided by 24 hours).

    Sometimes when I engage an enemy unit, I find another enemy unit/base at half the illustrated distance or nearer. I was like, who cares about stuff like other enemy unit or enemy base? An enemy is already in front of me, I have to take care of it first. The enemy is surprisingly strong, so I use careful planning and take extra steps just to make sure I can win. But things are not that easy, those bitc… beaches are strong. Really strong. Two of my men get in a pinch and I was forced to delay my victory and prioritize on saving them first. After a long and gruesome battle, all my men survived to see the victory. When I return to world map, my first thought is…

    “Phew~~~~ You guys are still here?”

    Then the enemy unit replies.

    “Yup, we’re still here. At the exactly same location. Waiting for pizza delivery.”

    If the battle begins in a manner where combatants from both sides stand face to face with each other, with zero distance, I agree the fight would end within 1 minute thus time system in battle is not needed. Does enemy block your attacks with their shields several times before you end his life? Or you one hit kill him with the samurai style?

    Remember the last time you’re ambushed in the woods, where enemy comes from all directions? Did you take time to locate the enemy, regrouping your scattered brothers, and spend even more time to traverse the difficult terrain(enemy also take more time to reach you)? Not to mention you might spend even more time to protect your archers if you have one.
    Regarding rushing in a tactical battle……. Who wants to rush a battle? Me? Why should I rush if all my reinforcement is on the way? I won’t even bother to take the risk to go melee with the enemy. I would simply fire arrows as I draw back slowly, hold out as long as possible. When my friend’s friend’s friend have surrounded you…. We can ask you to perform naked dance with all our swords sheathed.

    On the other hand, if you want to take out enemy units in danger zone (area close to enemy’s base or activity). You might not want to use time consuming, defensive tactics or formation to wear out your enemy steadily and slowly for a certain victory. Because you have no idea about the patrol route of their scouts. Instead, you might prefer blitzkrieg, guerilla, ninja style to dispatch enemy units. And this is actually a viable way for a 12 men group to raid a 40 men base. If you’re good enough, the colossal base will be weakened to its last stand after days and nights of “divide and conquer”.

    It’s even better if the fatigue cost increases by 1%(round down) for every 2 rounds. Battles doesn’t always end in victory or defeat through annihilation of either force, it can be stalemate (which considers victory to the defending force but also not exactly a defeat to the invasion force) which results the retreat of invasion force (exactly the way you run like hell in battle when you find an enemy fortress too badass to be taken down.)

    Since your weapon gets “tired” too, despite they are metal, and you’re just…. flesh and blood. Unless your brother has “Iron Man” perk or “Man of Steel” perk.

    Long story short. The time in battle can flow very slow, the time tension can be very small, but I hope the time will not be entirely…… frozen.

    in reply to: Minor Usability Suggestions #4464

    Both escort and intercept feature is nice. But I’ve been thinking about the one-click-pursuit system. Since our unit is slighter faster than all other units in world map, I suggest that homing pursuit against enemy should have slightly slower travel speed (maybe 80%?) compared to manual click. Otherwise…. we will never lose sight of any target we saw. Also, does it make sense if you can predict where enemy is going/heading? For this reason, I wish homing pursuit against enemy has a travel speed penalty.

    Brother A: Damn! After all day long pursuit, they just vanished in the woods…… X!#!#@&$#%
    Brother B: *sigh* Forget it. It is pitch black now. I’ll head back for some drinks.
    Brother C: Me too. I’m beat. Well, I hope you can find their hideout.
    Brother D: We’ll be waiting for your good news at the usual bar in town *smirk*
    Brother A: ……………… *manly tears are shed*

    Scenario like this could be nice too, isn’t it? :D

    in reply to: Suggestions (After 100+ Hours) #4463

    Walks to nearest faucet, wash hand for an hour, then approach Vinure.

    “Sir, may I shake your hand?” *the hands are still wet*

    >> *Regional “Favor” or “Disdain” generated through quest completion or protection provided to the area.
    It would be nice if we have Fame/Renown and relationship/fondness with faction/regions. Greater fame reduce the chances of enemy engaging you in world map. Furthermore, enemy unit with significant lower fame has lower morale at start of battle(everyone chickens out a little when they face the Legendary XXXX, right?).

    >> *Multiple Mercenary groups (up to groups of 12) that roam about completing quests and killing creatures.
    Would it be fantastic if we have a mercenary ranking system? We can compete against other mercenaries, challenge them to a duel, or scout their ace.

    Having very high fame doesn’t necessarily make your brothers rank high in mercenary world. Your gang could’ve made a name by just slaughtering around. Higher mercenary rank gives access to higher pay and more difficult quests.

    Both fame and mercenary rank will diminish over time as people forget you and your rival mercenary rise when you’re idling.

    >> Ability to pay other mercenary groups or guards to aid in otherwise impossible or unfavorable battle situations.
    A lot of people have probably mentioned this, and I know devs are working on it. Still, I hope this will be implemented soon (oh boy I’m excited). Otherwise, it’s like being in a class with a lot classmates and you’re being isolated.

    >> *Addition of Bounty Hunting, Bounty Hunter(both as a background, profession, and single/group individuals you track & kill), towns would be able to set Bounties on you (assuming you generate enough “Disdain”) for crimes such as robbing/killing merchants, attacking a town, ect…
    *rub hands with t-shirt*
    “Sir, can I shake your hands, like one last time?” *the hands are still pretty wet, dead lord…*

    If it’s not too troublesome I wish we could have “Incident Detection” or “Witness” system. When you kill innocents(or guilty orcs), you’ve a chance to be seen or reported. Chance of detection depends on numbers of towns, road, buildings in vicinity, daytime or night time. If you kill an orc near the city at daytime, the related orc faction has 99.99% to hate you. If you assaulted a merchant at night, where no buildings/units are nearby, the related town has 3% to hate you.

    Also, maybe it’s nice if we have “informant” system. You can pay crowns to get information on the location of other merc and the hidden base of orcs, as well as their numbers. Of course you can scout/search the area yourself for a specific enemy base, if you’re willing to take the risk of encountering several enemy scouts at same time. On the other hand, if you happen to find a hidden orc base (especially those with high bounty), you can “sell” this information (before it is wiped out). Once you sold/reveal this information, other mercs will try and rout it.

    >> *NPC’s you can sanction to create new roads from one location to another in exchange for coin (or favor earned through events.
    Village/City/Castle/Stronghold creation (or the ability to “take” and over time build upon the current structures)

    “D-Dear Sir, can I-“

    I think it might pretty fun if towns can be destroyed completely, or turned into city (after a long duration of unhindered trading with caravans)
    Since new roads can be built, it’s nice if roads that’ve not been used for long time disappears. For example, a road which leads to destroyed town.

    >> *All physical stats should have a natural progression as you gain experience (Not levels) – Leaving the level cap at 11 but continue to let your Mercenaries generate experience in addition to the stats you select to increase per-level.

    If possible, I actually prefer “proficiency” style in stats growth. For example, every melee hit you perform (whether miss or hit) has 0.01% chance to increase melee skill by 1. Furthermore, your stats growth is affected by your opponents. If your lv1 unit performs melee hit (whether miss or hit) on lv3 enemy, your unit has 0.09% chance to increase melee skill by 1. On the other hand, you have 0.001% chance to gain stats from enemy which has lower level than you. The stat growth cap from current system still applies, so you won’t gain more than 4 melee skill per level.

    I believe people who’ve been experiencing hell would be stronger than those who train with weaker opponents.

    >> *Progressive damage to Moral & Resolve through continued loss of Mercenaries. (IE: Hundreds of battles later you still have your 3 founding members, and with it they have recruited and lost 30 mercenaries, their moral and resolve would have been damaged over time through it (Unless Immoral, or Carefree)
    “Sir, by now my hands are probably dr-“

    I couldn’t agree more. If your team has won several battles recently, they should have higher morale at start of battle. Oppositely, they should lower morale if they’ve not been in battle for long duration or been suffering losses or deaths.


    I believe the following is already in progress, but just in case it isn’t.

    Fast forward(or quicken) the time/pace on world map(and in battle)

    in reply to: Strategy, Guide, Tactics, Tipps, Newbie Help …? #4456

    I’m not sure it’s alright if I keep bumping this thread. Please let me know if I’m annoying or disturbing.

    I found something useful, something seemingly trivial yet successfully relieved the problem which has been troubling me.

    I’ve been rotating the map again, again and again just to understand whether if a path is blocked in a forest. The trees can play tricks on your eyes. Especially when there a lot of trees, overlapping in your sight. IMO the following method is better than rotating map, of course it is even better to use both approach.

    in reply to: Suggestion Collection #4455


    Rumors say if you meet a person who looks exactly like you, death is not far away. A Doppelganger takes the appearance and stats from one of your brothers. Nobody knows their true form. According to folk tales, they are ancient spirits that dwell in the deepest woods where no man has arrived before.


    What drives people to insanity? Is it insecurity towards the cruel world which filled by bandits, undead and orcs? Or is it the desire to bring your loved ones back to life? Would your toughest brother be frightened if a cultist lit himself on fire just to deliver a passionate hug?

    in reply to: Endless Enemies? #4443

    >> Hi there!

    Well, whenever I reach the end-game

    Hi hi! :D

    What!? You’ve already collected 6 dragon ba-
    Huh…. What am I saying? I mean, where did you get the end-game quest?

    >> Problem: they keep popping out of nowhere. Can you actually defeat them once and for all, or do they re-spawn continually?

    I’ve tried the similar thing. Cleaning the area just to find more of them when I return. Firstly, please allow me to rephrase your question. It would be easier to answer.

    >> Question: Is it possible to kill everyone in the world with just 12 men?
    Answer: I think it depends on how horny reproductive the orcs are. Also, don’t forget that there are different factions between the Orc clan (just like humans have different triads). Congratulations, young man. I heard you’ve wiped out Orc faction A.

    *Walk closer and pat on shoulder*

    But you’re just too young. You’ve no idea what you’ve done. You’ve just given a chance to Orc faction B, C, D to rise as they have one less rival now.

    *blush* Ahem, let’s be a little more serious.

    >> I know that surviving groups can build new fortresses, but they shouldn’t have enough resources for that.
    Seriously? Did you stalk on them and saw a band of Orcs turning into a fortress of Orc, or something like that? I’m just curious.

    in reply to: Difficulty #4439

    >>…but it won’t take long for me to be moving between two towns and see a hunting pack that’s labelled deadly or impossible for my 10 guys…
    The weird thing is, there are no enemies in my previous playthrough. I’ve completed messenger and escort missions, like 10 times and no enemies are spotted at all. In my current playthrough, enemies are everywhere, and they’re either deadly or impossible. I suspect it has something to do with map generation upon new game.

    This is how I handle the pervasion of overwhelming hostilities.

    1) breakthrough (when careful navigation meets its limitations)
    If you found strong enemy appears in front of your path thus no way to reach your destination, engage him and retreat in battle. He will stay still in world map for a while. This is a temporary solution to the problem, as it doesn’t reduce the strength difference between you and enemy. I think if you’re doing this at daytime and outside of forest, you probably won’t get surrounded at start of battle.

    2) co-op battle
    There are two types of friendly facilities, town(city) and guard tower. The latter will send strong helping help when hostile is nearby. Lure stronger enemy to guard tower, then you can join battle or escape.

    >>Should I just never travel at night? Would that help?
    Since you love difficult games, that would definitely help. Your have poorer vision at night, which you makes harder to spot ambushes in world map, you also have slower map traveling speed. Vision within battle is also reduced, your archers are harder to be protected and they can’t hit far due to reduced vision.

    >>Also, is there a way to pass time while inside a city?
    I don’t think so. But I can guess your purpose. You need a safe place to fix equipment and restore health, right? Try seek for guard tower.

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