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  • in reply to: Charmed bro got hit when tried o leave CZ #25111

    Yes, suicide by attacks of opportunity is way too cheesy and un-counter-able for player. It’s also pretty much always the optimal behavior, if allowed.
    Either option 1 or 3. Option 2 of letting them move freely outright prevents positioning counter-play, which would be once again cheesy and reduce tactical depth.

    Same should apply to fleeing attempts by charmed bros.

    in reply to: Bug report : Brigants and Fatigue #21564

    you forget that before rise sw brigant got some hits in shield or dodge- that mean he must loose some fatigue. So EVEN ALL brigants have iron lung, he can’t has 20 fatigue for rise sw

    – It doesn’t matter how much fatigue you generated through hits before his turn – it’s all ignored if it’s above capacity.
    – Fatigue is restored not at round start, but exactly when raider’s turn arrives – so there is no opportunity to reduce it between regeneration and him spending it.

    Of course it still relies on raider having IL. Which would be weird, if it’s a common trait on AI…

    in reply to: Bug report : Brigants and Fatigue #21562

    Doesn’t shieldwall cost exactly same 20 fat as is regenerated by Iron Lungs? Since fatigue can’t go over max and regen happens right at beginning of unit turn, raider with IL should be able do it endlessly.
    Just saying that it isn’t outright impossible.

    in reply to: Increasing Head Hit Chance Worth? #21545

    Also, does 50% bonus damage to the head apply to the damage to the head armor too or to the HP only? Description is not clear.

    Basic crit +50% affects hp damage only, but I don’t know how 1h axe additional +50% bonus works (and it’s interaction with Steel Brow).

    in reply to: Things that are so dumb, that makes me sick #21412

    Spearwall at fixed cost tests your ability to predict enemy actions and offers significant reward if you are correct.
    Also it doesn’t have to hit anything to be useful – denying enemy some area can be good enough on it’s own.
    It’s cost is also not that high, since you regenerate 15 fat per turn (or 20 with lungs). Effective cost per turn is 15/8/3. And since you shouldn’t seriously rely on spearwalls without spec past the very early game, it really is just 8/3.

    Riposte already has hidden cost per activation – every enemy miss adds 2 fatigue to target. Making it cost more per trigger and less for activation makes more sense, because right now the only thing saving riposte from being completely unusable is the fact that AI doesn’t understand that simply skipping turn defeats riposte (that is in perfect situation for riposte user, where there are no other available targets).

    in reply to: Bow and Crossbow #21354

    Crossbows have 70% armor penetration with specialization. They are devastating against right targets (extreme armor, low-to-medium hp).
    Unfortunately, this “right targets” category is mostly limited to your bros.

    in reply to: Ranged balancing #21288

    From a balancing perspective, when a crossbow shot hits the head, without the “steel brow” talent, it deals 30-45 damage to health. Somehow recently I had one of my ranged with a 70 armor helmet (undamaged) get hit in the head for 57 damage, followed up by a hit to the body that killed him. From a balancing perspective, a “normal” ranged enemy, i.e. marksman or poacher, should not be able to kill ur ranged with cover in 2 shots because of RNG in a game that wants you to play it on ironman. I really do enjoy this game a lot, but playing expert ironman experiencing this just demoralizes you, especially since replacing a good ranged either takes a very long time.

    HP damage taken on headshot for Heavy Crossbow is 50-70 * 1.5 (head) * 0.7 (0.5 base + 0.2 spec penetration) – 10% remaining helmet armor (after it takes damage from shot).

    30-45 is closer to what you’d see in Heavy Crossbow vs top unique helmets (350+ armor) scenario.
    70 armor helmet on the other hand is almost nothing against crossbow users with specialization, even with lower tier crossbows.

    I consider SteelBrow (or totally ridiculous 100+ health pool) in combination with heavy armor mandatory to survive crossbows reliably.

    in reply to: Puncture working BUG? #21047

    Thrown duelist seems to be intended (or at least balanced, because thrown need it to be worth using).

    in reply to: The Fangshire helm bug #20983

    Goblin have very high ranged defense, while 53/49 skill is very low for an archer. I’m pretty sure everything works as intented.

    in reply to: Chance to hit #20948

    It’s final.

    in reply to: Destroy Armor Abiltiy needs attack penalty #20916

    Perhaps more fatigue is not a good option. It was just a offhand alternate suggestion.

    I think the hit penalty is better. Atm. the military pick just feels very strong early to mid game, even as initial weapons for lvl5-6ish mercs with spec in another weapon. Ofc. after hitting a Destroy Armor, you switch to Axe/Sword for high HP dmg or a 2H.

    I think -5 hit penalty without Spec would make the ability a little more balanced.

    Atm. theres almost no point spending fatigue on the standard hammer attack. Might as well save the fatigue for Destroy Armor on another target if your current one is busted already and let someone with another weapon do the finishing job.

    It *feels* strong, when it hits, sure. But actual efficiency (calculated without taking hit chance into account!) without spec is on par with specced spear, while spear also enjoys large hit bonus. I don’t think there is any need to further discourage unspecced hammer use.

    And about using hammer on flesh targets – of course, it’s intended to be bad against them. That exactly the work distribution between your band members the game aims for.

    in reply to: Destroy Armor Abiltiy needs attack penalty #20902

    It’s NOT worthwhile without specialization. It has best 1h fatigue to armor damage efficiency when specced, but quite bad when unspecced. Both cases are below 2h weapons fatigue efficiency!

    Let’s just compare damage per fatigue point spent (fatigue costs with specialization):

    fighting spear, basic attack 37.5 100% armor 8 fat – 4.6875 (there is also +20% hit bonus)
    flail. basic attack 40 avg 100% armor 10 fat – 4 (hit bonus vs shields, up to +25)
    fighting axe, basic attack 45 avg 130% armor 10 fat – 4.5 / 5.85
    warhammer, basic attack 35 avg 225% armor 11 fat – 3.18 / 7.13
    warhammer, destroy armor – 8.28 armor (that’s best efficiency for 1h weapon ever)
    warhammer, destroy armor unspecced – 4.73 (barely better than spear, while doing only 10 hp damage and risking hit on wrong bodypart that may have less/no armor)

    billhook, basic attack 75 150% 12 fat – 6.25 / 9.375

    greatsword, overhead strike 117.5 100% 12 fat – 9.79
    greatsword, split 97.5 100% 23 fat x2 – 8.47
    greatsword, swing 97.5 100% 23 fat x3 – 12.71

    mansplitter, split man 157.5 160% 15 fat – 10.5 / 16.8
    greataxe, split man 135 150% 12 fat – 11.25 / 16.875

    If anything, 1h weapons need to cost less fatigue in general (or 2h more).

    in reply to: How do you build archers? #20899

    First: dedicated archer is a pointless thing, because there are enemies in game that are nearly immune to ranged damage and there are enemies that will slaughter back line characters.

    That’s exactly why archers should be dedicated. Their only weakness are ancient undead (especially necrosavants). I just swap them out for dedicated melee from reserve instead of bringing half-assed hybrids into such fights.

    On a related note, is it correct that “unknown” enemies in ruins are never ancient undead? Because that’s my observation so far.

    Second: As soon as i am able, i tend to start recruiting backgrounds with both high melee and at least ~50 ranged skill at level 1. Usually its raiders. As i start getting such characters, i pretty much start increasing the number of people who carry ranged weapons as secondary. So ultimately i end up with 12 people who can fire a bolt or 2 worth of crossbow bolts (usually crossbows) in order to soften up enemies. Sometimes ill keep 2 bowmen to pick off enemy ranged units.

    I just advance my non-archers in tight shieldwall formation (while leaving some shielded newbies as cover for archers). This seems to drop enemy hit chances to 5% or near, as I often see fights without single ranged hit from enemy. And that is despite practically not leveling ranged def on non-archers.

    Trading hits with enemy using unskilled crossbows seems less attractive option to me… Unless it ensures that enemies always attack, maybe? (because they see ton of ranged weapons without knowing how bad are your guys at shooting)

    in reply to: Necrosavant Rework Needed #20602

    Necrosavants have very high melee, they reliably remove net on 1st attempt. Free to teleport/attack as second action.
    Removing one action is valuable, but not a panacea.

    in reply to: Necrosavant Rework Needed #20540

    What I agree about is giving better rewards for killing those monsters. All in all, they are a huge threat and it comes at huge cost to defeat them.

    Yeah, a Khopesh (and one that isn’t even guaranteed to drop) doesn’t motivate me to fight them quite enough. Orc weapons are same/more expensive to sell and far easier to obtain.

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