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  • in reply to: Bugs. Build: #5616

    Regarding ‘H’ unfortunately i didn’t notice any effect ingame whatsoever. I simply checked for errors after game session as usual and there was this one uncommon, so i decided to share it.

    On the other note I have a question: This button “..\gfx\ui\buttons\destroy-item-button.png” should be present somewhere in stash UI, but nowhere to be found. Is it an error or the functionality conceived, but not present yet for some reason?

    in reply to: Bugs. Build: #5599

    F) Tooltip for ‘Yes,Sir!’ (buff from Captain perk) shows wrong resolve numbers

    Effectively it shows half of actual bonus rounded down, while it should show what it adds – the bonus itself, which is half of difference between captain’s resolve and afflicted ally’s resolve, as stated in perk’s description:
    Captain Perk Captain perk's effect – here is an example of tooltip from #11. Volker, the dastard. He have 47 resolve (42 in battle), while captain have 92, which makes the difference equal 50, and half of it – 25 resolve – should be the bonus given to him (and it is in his stats), but the tooltip halves it again.. to 12.
    And it’s the same for everyone:
    Band resolve stats
    Stats used from save ‘day31_1__Too many Orcs’.

    G) Bugged Mood description.

    ..or mood state altogether. Gunnar’s (#6 bro) mood looks like this:  Bugged description As it should be
    Here in Trig’s Bug Reports shown similar effect. But in my case, if we let the time flow (from morning day 31 when it occured, day31_2__tmp-stat save), it’s being replaced by next mood state in a day or two (from Eager to In Good Spirit) retaining the problem: Evolution (approx day32)
    Though here is a twist: at some point after 1-2 battles and several save/loads on day 31 before midday this bugged mood state disappeared without transition to ‘lower’ mood states like it wasn’t there before, and no, there were no events which could change the mood (saves attached). I tested many times earlier saves where the mood was still present letting the time flow while staying still and doing nothing meanwhile cheking for changes and it takes several days (up to day 32-33 or even more) for transition regardless if it’s bugged or not, so i presume either battle or save/load function somewhere messed up the save file.

    ..and just an extra, totally unrelated:
    H) unknown mime type – log attached.

    in reply to: Paul´s Art Corner #5596

    .. the basic style we have now will stay the same. At the very beginning of our project we experimented with a “drawn map” style, but it didnt really work out…..

    Haha I just found this old mockup I did: -img- “World mock”

    I like this one with “drawn” style, it would perfectly fit in as a “map” (don’t confuse with current worldmap, which represents in-game real world) which is needed especially when quest giver names settlement you’re unfamiliar with. Would be totally cool to have ‘show me on the map’ button besides ‘accept’ and ‘decline’ options. The map itself with little compass rose in the corner should be able to show whole world in one screen, even while it could be more inaccurate or sketchy than mockup, considering it’s medieval map, and depending on to whom the map belongs to according to the story (user or quest giver), have only friendly locations displayed with different icons for different location types, and two markers: your current location and final destination.
    Certainly, you can argue that anyone can remember or write down the name, decline quest, leave town, look around worldmap as much as he likes and find named location obtaining all needed info, return to town, speak again to quest giver and accept the quest in the end..
    But this horribly cripples outright kills immersion, because almost every quest written out as an event, often with very uncommon descriptions you wouldn’t believe could happen twice in a row. So to preserve it you either accept the quest or decline and never return to it.
    I would even suggest to disable/hide the quests which were declined, or in case this is too much – change the ‘intro’ part of quest accordingly. For example, a merchant you decided to return to after checking other options and worldmap would mock you asking if you finally resolved yourself to take up his offer, and maybe cut your pay a bit (like 5-10 crowns) while at it. This would be much more immersive, while also a bit discourage behavior unbefitting for mercenary.

    in reply to: Paul´s Art Corner #5554

    Your works is awesome! Can’t wait to see new armors in game. The last two armors purely gorgeous!!

    But here is a question about ‘dirtiness’ of armors, especially Gambeson and maybe Basic Mail Shirt: unlike others ‘a bit dirtied’ they look worn out and dirty as if the wearer was drunk sleeping in a ditch repeatedly (that’s cool in a way: mercenary life, full of hardships) – is this the only intended version or will there be ‘brand new clean’ version of armors, which eventually degrade to shabby look as youк brothers wear it to battle, damage and repair? Because if you buy new armor from armor shop(smithy) and it looks like that – it feels totally like fraud.
    I know, anything could happen and maybe shop keeper just bought that one earlier this morning from some pitiful fellow and now offers to you as if it’s new.. Such a bold move.

    in reply to: Bugs. Build: #5359

    Glad that it helped you to improve such an awesome game!
    And thanks for reply, good to know work is in full swing. ^_^

    in reply to: "New" type of quest #5354

    That explains EVERYTHING!!

    in reply to: "New" type of quest #5352

    It’s not necessary to take enemy you found elsewhere to the village. Though nice trick.
    This kind of quest appears even if you never met quest target before, but the village did and was raided recently by it.

    Not a new quest, as it was seen in earlier versions (as far as v.4.0.40 for me)

    And yeah, reward is generous, especially in provisions part. More so, if you take in consideration that the village was raided.

    in reply to: Found a typo #5328

    Hjarmar (peddler) was generated with Title ‘Glenngary’.
    Shouldn’t it be glengarry with 1’n’ and 2’r’, as in scottish hat?


    However, we may try to make it more based on the location you’re at and your reputation in the world in the future.

    Finding character types like Killer-on-the-run/Thief/Poacher/Raider available for recruitment in castle/tower is weird, though.
    They shouldn’t be able to roam there ‘free’, only stay behind bars or on gallows.
    But i have seen some bold enough or stupid to disregard this common sense.

    Imo, they should be found more likely in some remote villages, far away from places swarmed with knights, militia and guards.

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