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    The Orc in-fighting i really enjoyed i have had this twice and it is a really nice touch

    the necromancer artifact i have not seen – i will be looking out for this one now

    it is repetitive and i really want more content

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    I had an idea last night that could make this pretty cool if you went for the knight perk you can have a squire, or a quest for your characters for knighthood to earn them a squire additional to the 12

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    I too am longing for more content

    I have reached the limit of play styles including my last group who was “the Faith militant” courtesy of game of thrones, cloth and shield and morning star group

    this was a pretty hard group to keep alive and the highest level is now level 5

    but exhausting different groups just highlights the lack of depth

    it needs player camps, training brothers and producing food and weapons, your banner to fight under a second group wandering and earning cash

    campaign battles to enemy forts and castle sieges

    different characters, werewolves and necromancers for your force

    special weapons on all weapon styles my favourite band all billhook and xbow really only had the ballista to look forward to

    the level cap pretty much stops play at some point when your guys have 50k gold in the bank there really is not much to play towards and your inventory is full of special stuff you cannot bear to get rid of but dont actually use

    large scale battles joining with the militia for game changing combats

    buying businesses in the towns you visit or mines, farms etc

    the lack of depth means however much we love the game it really needs to move forward with content rather than maps guys and gals


    They could Improve on this with food and supplies being supplied within the terms of your contract (none of your supplies get used)

    improved medic within the caravan and group

    I would want a large amount of cash for 4 or 5 bandit groups shame it doesn’t pay per head

    ( i ave not actually found a caravan contract yet but this is a good warning against them)

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    Like with all the destroy their base or camp missions there needs to be more loot involved

    I kill a load of orcs and all i find are some large axes and hide shields? come on they must have had something there something else for me to take

    i would like the option to spend time searching the destroyed camp for something to pay its way

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    Mt team tried and tested and the most fun for me is 12 identically equipped bros

    12 Billhook 12 x bow 12 x daggers they will take care of anything and be able to back each other up against individual enemies very easily with 2 range

    the beauty of these guys is the xbow for 2 ap then quick hands to billhook for another attack on enemy charge

    cons: major cost to ammunition, getting hold of 12 xbows was a 40 day challenge in game

    some may say that missile troops cause a problem but you are churning return fire that it really isnt

    Goblins are the easiest enemy to beat with this setup, Orcs hit hard and can cause you problems

    the only force that is a bit of a pain is skeletons (when did they get so good?) skellies render your xbows useless and it is chop up time at the bone farm

    in reply to: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed) #13424

    Meeky posts +1

    I would also like to say a formation option for your brothers instead of a line would be on my wish list having them appear in one long line is getting stupid

    combat is always the players as the defender (unless you are a goblin, then you can sit there and get butchered all you like), atleast some minimal formation settings would be nice two rows, wedge, square something other than a line, it would make it far more interesting

    Crossbows are in no way as bad as you think, they were back then the assault rifle of weapons and come across as deadly as they do for a reason, i think they have got them spot on.

    the game is frustrating op think you have equal amounts of nerd rage than i do sometimes, last night my heavily armed gang got mugged by goblins while camping, the last running goblin archer made a run for it, i pinned him down with an advanced brother, the thing knifed my full health heavily armoured guy in one round to make a run for it off the map, this was the most annoying thing, it was like my guy lifted his shirt and said hit here, this same brother took on 4 or 5 orcs and survived only to be shanked my some green midget on the run

    also it anyone has not encountered mercenaries just wait.. oh look at that guy he claims to be a sword master… oh oh dear there goes another brother

    in reply to: Feedback v. 6.0.14 – Orc contracts #13344

    I had a great Orc contract with the new patch

    I lost a couple of the gang but it was fun

    I loaded in my 12 vs 17!! my eyes widened when i saw the odds but they were all fighting each other which was fun to watch

    nice touch from the devs to put in this type of scenario to walk into

    unfortunately they only killed about 5 or 6 of each other and the rest turned to me

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    Legendary posts Meeky, some really interesting stuff it makes my just hit them really hard approach look like child’s play

    I will be trying out some of these tactics

    in reply to: Patrol Contract head count #13165

    I turned one of these down last night thinking i would net me a few hundred at best

    thank you OP i will now be undertaking the most epics of strolls with the Cross Lords

    in reply to: Feature request: Easy caravan follow #12268

    meant to bring this up when i first started playing a follow or guard command would be great
    I am not saying i am a lazy player, but micro clicking every few yards is a horrific gaming experience

    in reply to: How the hell do you kill goblins? #12133

    my current party of 10 halberdiers and 2 x missile troops carve them a new one (well armoured experienced team)

    shields are not the be all and end all

    their front line troops are pretty static they will hardly ever move out of formation, use this to your advantage

    rush the archers and stand there and pick off their front line (the pike armed gobbos would be my first target)

    i am finding this team is far more effective than my last shield carryign guys as i can carve up a gobbo in a single swipe from most of my guys, they are incredibly fragile when you start swinging big weapons at them, while all my guys are beserkers it means i can clear the line in almost one charge

    their archers are a massive pain whatever you have

    in reply to: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time! #6983

    after reading this post and going at the goblins again with revised tactics, they are still hard but doable

    this time i lost 1 BB to their 8

    missile troops are key i had all my guys get quick hands and bows then mowed the lawn… the goblin lawn… :)

    in reply to: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time! #6966

    just thought i would tag onto this, I picked up the game again after a few months break to have a look at the stuff and reinvent the Crusading carrots

    I got a bit into the game before i really came up against the goblins in a tiny hut (met them before but it was with a large patrol party and caravan so didnt even cross swords with them)

    and goblins.OH MY GOD TINY NINJAS OF MULTIPLE DEATH!! i mean these things should have conquered the world by now surely! with 12 lvl 4 ish guys reasonably well armed and doing the rounds without a single casualty so far (not save spamming but i played enough to keep my guys alive) there were 8 of them they wiped the floor with 6 of my guys 3 before i have even got into combat with the buggers.

    I only saw their archers miss when they were ready to run, tiny cleavers and spears made short work of my heavily armoured guys…….

    i like a challenge but these things seriously damage my calm, fun to fight something a bit less predictable but they are only short of firing laser beams from their arse!

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