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    wooah hold on guys this is a single player game you can play how you want

    essentially you are only stealing from yourself in single player games

    forcing how we play onto other people is a real danger


    Beserkers are deadly! on their own not so much

    it was only about 40 hours of play into it i found a camp manned only by beserkers

    I had to load about 5 times to not lose a few men, went in thinking hey they are naked but when they start to flank you and then go bananas they will generally carve your guys a new one, do not underestimate beserkers

    generally now i shoot them first and shoot them again just to be sure

    in reply to: level cap + bruce for hes epic #4152

    Iv played so much I think I’m not understanding the benefit. Of the high priced guys so could you help. You stated that sword master already what about the others what are there +s

    the high price guys generally start with big stat bonus’ so a Noble would have higher base weapon skill say 60 compared to a beggar who starts with 40 weapon skill

    i personally dont start with any high price guys but i think if you were to shape the perfect squad of mercenaries the better start they had in life gives them an edge

    however this doesnt take into account if they were born short etc

    i would like to see their stats before you buy on the merc screen so you can weigh up their cost to benefit

    in reply to: level cap + bruce for hes epic #4116

    I would really like to see higher level caps however

    if they did 1 or 2 <– attribute bonus per level afterwards only no skills just upping weapon and fatigue etc

    in reply to: Favorite weapon #4103

    Boar spear, standard issue primary weapon for all of my guys

    a wall of spears x 9 supported by 3 x floating billhook/ xbow guys behind them

    in reply to: The Berserker perk #4102

    i have this bug – i noted it on bug forum

    this only stopped working 100% of the time when my guys got kill frenzy, kill frenzy seems to kill off beserk perk

    similar to you?

    in reply to: new companions #4099

    i like the idea of running an undead party replacing your dead party members with undead orcs bandits or controlling enemy undead through sheer will power

    kitting out your undead guys would be cool with zero fatigue and no food use, would i have to pay my zombies? ;)

    would make for some good earning potential and those moments where you hire beggar Alfred, beggar Alfred accidentally ran to his death in his first fight….. muhahahah ARISE SIR BONES! the leveling mechanics might be nice and easy for undead no stats but just different levels level 10-11 undead hero etc increase their chance of reanimating at higher levels

    undead Orcs, raise ghost, call ghoul

    some nice mechanics for undead to keep the necromancers in the fight might be a “captain” skill for them a sort of Boost undead over a certain range in the skill tree

    in reply to: Ending the turn #4096


    in reply to: Inventory Sort Button In Shops #4095

    would like also

    in reply to: My opinion about this game #3959

    OP you should not feel sorry about your opinion

    we all know it is early access and your opinion is just as good as anyone elses, infact more so because we all want this game to be awesome

    I however really like the armour system it is such a moot area

    some games reduce damage by x number and you still take health damage, some games do it differently altogether

    I actually like the simplicity of this system and the tactical ramifications of the heavies, controversially i think for this style of game they have got the armour damage HP damage in a good state, it sort of echoes i amd going to cut your chainmail to ribbons eventually and it wont save you

    the Map does blow it is a boring cookie cutter slog through each new layout the lack of any real events on the map make a less interesting gaming experience, size plays a large factor in this and lack of dungeons etc they could do loads with the map to keep immersion higher

    Quests are just plain awful – please move around the map slowly for this amount of gold should be the general quest – but again the quests side is so easy to beef up do this for them etc collect 20 ghoul teeth to stop the plague in this village there are a gazillion things they could do and some really interesting things act as a reserve to the great battle here etc 100 v 100, protect the lord, siege

    they could do loads with this you could reach a standing with a fort and have two groups marching around or more start taking villages for yourself

    I would like to see loads of things put in, including taking orc armour so i can kit my guys out

    in reply to: Attributes #3812

    My bug bear is you cannot undo your choice once ticked

    the oh no i have just clicked weapon skill for my archer by accident a right click undo option would be cool i think before saving

    in reply to: Weapon durability #3810

    I think the weapon durability needs a rework and the bags and belts

    not saying it is awful but it sort of flies in the face of reality

    so a guy back in the day armed with his Primary weapon a spear or pole arm or missile weapon

    also has a secondary weapon or side arm (which is usually a sword or axe etc a one handed back up weapon

    the above is key to understanding the combat, a sword (one handed) was very rarely a Primary weapon i.e one you charge into battle with (unless you watch too many films) they were side arms, you had them at your side so you could go about life with both hands free to do stuff.

    so this said your historical guy has his primary weapon out lets say a spear, this gives him a range advantage over swords etc however when stabbing or thrusting a parrying sword is going to do far more damage to his spear shaft than a mace would

    so what i am saying is hitting Armour or people is generally what weapons are made to do the effect on the enemy weapon on the durability is really what is going on here so a sword would be devastating against things with a wooden handle, but a axe blocking a spear with its own shaft would have very little damage to the weapon

    this goes to the bags and belts i am thinking the side arm should be another slot which is far fast to access than a 4 point action

    in reply to: No saving in combat? #3703

    Very interesting discussion going on in here. This is our stance: We will not add a saving feature to combat because a) it does not fit our design goals, and b) it would cost us a lot of time which we’d rather invest into more important things, and things which we want to have in the game in the first place. Adding a loading feature from combat, on the other hand, is something we’ll eventually do simply for convenience.

    thank you load from Combat = nice

    in reply to: pikes and the dreaded 80% #3700

    Sorry but the OP is right i have just turned up to rage about recent % chances you do not miss 10 52% chances in a row

    you do not miss 7 85% chances in a row

    really something after the last update is making me rage quit this game when you are missing 70% chances more regularly than your archers are making 30% chances

    i know the % system i am old enough and ugly enough and played enough games to want to smash my monitor to bits to realize something is really fubar about some % chances

    anyone had a 52% chance on a 2 handed weapon miss for 10 rounds? the only time he won was because it took so long the enemy ran away and then he hit

    sorry but the % chances are pretty wrecked especially against Orcs

    dont get me started on lost souls………

    in reply to: No saving in combat? #3420

    just wish they would put a load in the fight to save me the time i have to retreat, click through the screens etc to load a file when something catastrophic happens to one of your guys and you just cannot live with it

    save in fight is not a problem it is a single player game who is going to care realistically?

    are the save game police going to knock on someones door? “evening sir are you taking your game seriously?, we have had reports that you are trying to swing things in your favour or even try and leave the house mid battle?”

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