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    >> I personally find myself never using tier 3 Offensive and Defensive perks. I can sacrifice any offensive perk for more survivability and fatigue (which gives your survivability) and never have problem with killing stuff.
    So my regular brother has following perks:
    Utility tier 1: Quick Hands, Bags and Belts, Pathfinder
    Utility tier 2: Brawny, Weaponmaster
    Defensive tier 1: Battle Forged, Shield Expert, Hold Out/Colossus
    Defensive tier 2: Rotation
    and last perk is variable.

    (。ノᗨ<。)ノI laughed when I read until here. He’s basically right about everything regarding best defense. That’s why I laughed. I doubt most players can endure so much sacrifice in offense.

    >> It doesn’t matter: enemies flank, orcs break your lines or vampires teleport behind – any brother can become first line fighter

    It’s actually nice to win a battle by simply clicking without thinking. Some say this is boring. But there is no such thing as excitement without peril. As much as I adore offense(some of my brothers increase melee+range+fatigue stat YET they still wear woven tunic), I find it tiring to think about every steps in eliminating multiple ranged threats(my greatest weakness). Of course, in large scale battle I’m more than willing to micromanage my team because an epic battle worth all the trouble.

    Most people probably know this, a pure DPS build can turn into half DPS half tank build by SIMPLY PUTTING ON ARMOR ANYTIME. However, you can’t effectively turn a tank build into DPS build by simply taking off the armor. Furthermore, our defense perks are seriously underpowered at the moment. The moment you didn’t hesitate to choose a perk, the perk tree is proven unbalanced.

    The sad news is, even though I realized & tested the value of armor, I can’t mentally convince myself to put them on. The tragedy of offense junkie…… O|¯|_ Still, I always carry sets of armors in my inventory. Maybe I will put them on before fighting vampires. You know, 1 woven tunic v.s. 3 teleporting vampires, it’s not funny at all, someone might die.
    >> Dialetheia’s build
    This build suits my taste better than the Steel Cohort build. I personally don’t think these two builds are opposing extremes. Yes Steel Cohort is the defense extreme, but I think Dial’s build is just an offensive version of Steel Cohort. Most of my brothers wear woven tunic and none has take any perk which is not meant for offense purpose. Perks like Brawny and Rotation has never crossed my mind when I think about my build.

    Also, I do not agree about breaking enemy shields. I don’t think fighting axe is a viable choice for offense build too. Not statically proven, but by looking at the values I think you can kill enemy faster if you attack them instead of their shield.

    I personally think closed mail coif (90 armor) + mail shirt (120 armor) is optimal armor setup for a standard brother or aggressor. That helmet is especially handy for providing so much armor despite being very light. This setup is optimal in the sense you can dish out as much damage as possible with just enough armor to keep you alive in most situations. Yeah, I’m wearing hood and woven tunic, so what? I didn’t die.

    in reply to: dark topic but good for time period #4902

    >> its more reasonable for vampires ruling over humans than having zombies or skeletons, for a simple reason humans are perfect source of fresh blood.
    It depends on the infection method of zombie. If the virus spreads within air and humans turn when they die, zombie will overrun the land in this warring era. Since Capcom didn’t choose Vamphazard over Biohazard, I believe in them.

    Incidentally, is werewolf actively hunting vampire on world map?

    >> #Skeletons.
    They are ANIMATED bones. MAGIC involved. If you have skeletons – golems(or gargoyles) are not far away. How they move? They have no flesh, no muscles. They do not eat, no drink. They have no brain. Pure magic. For a non magic settings they are really poor choice.

    Now that you mentioned about it…. I think vampires are equal fantasy to skeleton. You see, vampires can teleport. Even if you claim they run really fast with some hallucination effect…… does that make them less fantasy?

    >> They have no flesh, no muscles. They do not eat, no drink. They have no brain.

    Are you talking about Skeletons, or Living Souls? Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’ve just kicked the intangible living souls’ asses with a tangible arro- What did I just said?

    Low magic setting is tricky ╮(─▽─)╭  

    Anyone been to low magic country before?


    >> My definition of “best,” since I am a synthesizer or blender or moderate in all things, would be something like: The approach that best blends survival and killing power or offense and defense?
    Something like this?

    Offense 4
    Defense/Survival 4
    Anti-micromanage 2

    >> One battle summary screen that shows that one of my “bersekers” did 4000 damage in six rounds (with no one on the team incurring any damage)
    That’s incredibly impressive, my best dmg record for a single brother is only 2550. What enemies did you fight? Did that berserker fight all the enemies by himself in frontline? Why?

    >> But what about Melee Defense? Please post ASAP before I delete all my Swordmasters!

    (。-`ω´-) I can’t tell if you stupid or what. Weren’t you seducing me to not to tell you anything so I can see you delete your swordmasters?
    Seeing people chosen wrong perks/stats or removed wrong members. My best pleasure. ψ(`∇´)ψ

    Well, you should have seen me posted the following before. ↓

    When melee def is 92, orc youngs have about 5% (7/130) chance to hit me.
    When melee def is 80, orc youngs have about 6% (12/180) chance to hit me.
    When melee def is 68, orc youngs have about 11% (14/126) chance to hit me.

    The experiment above is performed when 6 orc youngs have surrounded me. *Result might not be extremely precise because I didn’t separate the overwhelming effect which enemies inflicted on me, but the result should be practically precise/useful as enemy will overwhelm me in combat. As a reminder, I think different enemies might have different chance to hit.

    in reply to: Real Value of Ranged Brothers #4899

    >> Forgive me; we read too quickly these days, especially when it comes to what we see online!
    Awww… you’re so sweet. (❁´◡`❁)

    Hehe, okay I will forgi- (❁´◡`❁)

    It’s not “we”! It’s just you!! щ(ºДºщ)

    >> It’s probably because Quick Shots missed so much when I used them at lower levels to the point where the overall impression that they suck stuck.
    Quick Shots should have better value with Fast Adaption. It’s suffering to use ranged weapon at low level. Spear is your best childhood friend.

    >> First impressions are ever important.
    I don’t think you should talk about 18+ joke here…. but I think Quick Shots sounds bad and gives people the wrong impression.

    >> Why greatsword over greataxe? In my brief tests, greataxes seem to consistently hit harder.

    Greataxe can kill an orc warrior (with helmet and armor) faster. I’ve jot down a little statistics so I’m sure about this.
    But greatsword can kill multiple orc youngs faster with its area attacks.

    Also, greatsword should be everyone’s favorite weapon because they look cool. I personally think that’s the most important reason.
    You would rather be a fallen hero kneeling on ground than being the strongest shit in the universe.


    >> I did find two illuminating guides on how to build the best team from two sources: Duungarm’s “Steel Cohort” guide on Steam and Dialetheia’s lengthy “Late game parties,…” thread also on Steam. These gentlemen have diametrically opposing approaches though.

    It’s not hard to see which team is better. Fight several tough battles. Jot down enemy types and numbers. Draw a chart with the statistics.
    This looks like a joke but it should work. The battle system is not that technical or strategic so I think different players/testers won’t greatly impact the strength/result of a team.

    Also, you should be more specific about the term “best team”. Best offense team, best defense team, best overall team, best begin-to-end team, best foolproof/amateur team.

    >> Every fight is safe like Duungarm’s fights, and fast and exhilarating like Dialethia’s.
    I haven’t read these guides but I hardly believe you can remove the tradeoff between offense(max fatigue) and defense(armor).

    >> Anyways, I’d better stop writing more.

    Information is never enough. But maybe it’s time for some statistics and concentrated summaries with bullet points.

    >> Why bother with hedge knights at all when swordmasters are vastly superior. I find that melee dps builds either die easy or just don’t deal that much more damage then melee tanks, making them pretty useless.

    DPS wise, I think 10 more melee skill can’t compensate the difference in 20 max fatigue (15 fatigue cost for one hit with 2h weapon). One more hit makes a superb difference if you have Battle Flow. Also, you don’t need that much melee skill due to upper limit of chance to hit (95%). Dps build does deal more dmg today, if they survived the whole day. My build has a lot of woven tunic 2h melee, nobody dies so far. I doubt you can clear a battle in fewer rounds than me, but I believe you can clear the battle with less time and less stress.

    >> When increasing stats, don’t put more then a 100 attack or defence. You shouldn’t need it

    You need it. Even 110 melee skill doesn’t give 90% chance against enemy shieldwall. HOWEVER, you might not have spare stat points for that, if your build is not offense build.

    >> This build requires 65+ starting resolve
    Lol you too? I don’t understand why it is necessary. But it is more or less highest resolve among lv1 recruits. Also the ones I’m using for my Rally brothers.

    in reply to: Real Value of Ranged Brothers #4894

    >> I initially started with zero ranged units after reading your post (I looked over the ‘net for game advice before I started to play), as well as Duungarm’s excellent Steel Cohort Guide on Steam. Since I do not like ranged units in general whether in TBS or RPG (too fragile mainly and thus requires too much babysitting). After intensive playtesting, however, I have changed my mind and incorporate them in small numbers (two, to be precise).
    Hey, hey, don’t blame it on me. Archers are quite cool.

    “Whatever reflects in my eyes is seconds to death.
    ……if they aren’t wearing metallic, bone or muscle armor.”

    I will probably read that Steel guide later. (geez you could paste the link to save me some trouble of googling, couldn’t you?)

    Mana47: provides low to moderate support, especially to dispatch targets with almost no hp, or light armor targets with immediate/high threats.
    73: Now you’ve provided a good beginner’s list of when and why ranged units are useful, but your list is hardly exhaustive. On the one hand, I run quite a few melees with low armor and/or no shield (six, to be exact, two Nimble Swordmaster riposte bots, two Nimble Captains, and two offensive melees who will ideally take out their two handers ASAP), so they will get ripped if they get focus fired. So to protect them, I have to hunt out the enemy archers first.

    I thought we are talking about almost the same thing, taking out fragile targets with high threat? I do agree about the non-exhaustive part(you can’t expect anything too much from me ╮(─▽─)╭   ). I also agree about elaborate things as detailed as possible. So welcome aboard.

    >> Personally, the main reason is to counter ranged units. On the other hand, as I’ve complained elsewhere, hit and run (mostly run) archers are annoying, especially during nights or on bad terrain, so I need my own ranged to deal with them quickly in mop up situations.

    I agree. Ranged weapon+Perfect Focus is good way to stop enemy archer from hit and run, but you must have already known this.

    >> In addition, massed Perfect Focus archer batteries can be frightening if correctly used, even against heavy Orc formations. Archers with Perfect Focus can easily get four Aimed Shots off per turn with captain support, and if you properly pin your opponents with melee roadblocks (especially Nimble characters that fear no melee and can solo an entire melee army), then you can sit back and eliminate your opponents in a few turns. Even if you bring just two archers like I do, the initial volleys can soften up the enemy to the degree where your heavy melees can frequently one or two shot wounded units.
    Melee weapons have far higher damage per fatigue cost. Against orcs, [Melee weapon + Perfect Focus + Battle Flow] can also deal more damage than [Range weapon + Perfect Focus + Battle Flow + Rally the Troops] in a round. It is also safer to deal with orcs by using more melee brothers, as you have better crowd control (with more men to use Zone of Control) and can spread enemy formation thin. Well, the safety part is actually not necessary, you can easily take out 12~15 orcs with 2~3 melee brothers(without Rally), if orc warriors are not overwhelming in numbers. Yes I have Rally brothers, but I don’t use them when farming exp in orc battle because it would waste more time by clicking them.

    Ranged weapons is best used against weaken or fragile enemies, especially those with special effect (e.g. necromancer, lost soul) or impending threat (2h, archer). As a gold member of Orc Fitness Centre (you don’t want to know how many lv11 I’ve raised there), it is faster and safer to defeat orcs with melee weapons.

    I have a nimble character. Unfortunately, he has Rally too. So he never participated in any fight. He just stood there swinging the flag all day everday. Asking him to tank is also waste of time, I would have killed everyone faster without his tanking.

    >> Archers with Perfect Focus can easily get four Aimed Shots

    May I ask why do you use aimed shots? Because I find normal shot gives higher aggregated damage(accuracy) per fatigue cost. I never face serious issue of ammo, though I used all arrows most of the time. Incidentally, I didn’t use bow anymore. I also plan to replace the last range brother with hybrid(melee + range) brother.

    47: Why everyone is suggesting my ranged brothers to use melee weapons? Just what stats have you increased for your archers!?
    73: 1. Opposing melees may have closed in on you, and thus you may no longer use bows or crossbows. 2. You may have run out of ammunition.

    Heh, even before I use hybrid brother, I’ve no problem of no.1 or no.2. Because if a player faces such problems, he would find no value in ranged brother and replace them with melee brothers.

    >> But don’t underestimate billhooks
    Heh, who do you think you’re talking to? Without billhooks, Perfect Focus has only about 50% power. Also, I think billhook has to be my MVP weapon though my favorite weapon is greatsword.

    >> When you have an end game team, then, no; no one is expendable. But early on, it’s reasonable to have spare parts to finish a quest with good rewards.
    I am not a very wise person, all my friends said the same thing. End game, early game, expendable, profitable………… to be honest I don’t really understand stuff like that.

    So I simply fight every battle with everything I’ve got.

    Do I look kinda cool?

    in reply to: Backgrounds #4829

    >> This might be confirmation bias, but from what I’ve seen so far-

    Take off your full helm.
    I said- take your full helm. I don’t know what you’ve seen, but I strongly doubt you’re seeing things right.

    I have 3 Hedge Knights with Strong trait, 2 Adventurous Nobles with Fearless trait. Do I look like I’ve scouted a number of recruits?
    Most importantly……. I didn’t wear any helmet which hinders my sight. This makes me 2x more credible than you.

    From my experience, it seems certain backgrounds have significantly higher chance to get certain traits. Still, I not sure because memory without record or statistics is biased as sh-

    I wish there are other ways for brothers to gain experience. When we can have more than 12 brothers in our group, we can send some to training center or quest, or allow them to gain some experience even if they do not participate in battle.

    in reply to: Utility Skill Tree Discussion #4827

    [Game version]

    Bag and Pelts ==> DOUBLE inventory slot, NO FATIGUE COST for inventory items. If copyright is not an issue, we can actually call this perk Batman Belt.

    Taunt ==> If you find this perk useful, congratulations. You’re probably the first person.

    Quick Hands==> You probably can’t see the real meaning of this perk because its name is rather misleading. At first glance, it’s not easy to understand the aftermath to switch items without AP. So for the sake of convenience, let’s call this perk “It’s Super Effective!”

    See an enemy with high armor?
    I choose you, Warhammer!
    Warhammer used CRUSH ARMOR!
    It’s Super Effective!

    See an enemy with high hp?
    I choose you, Military Cleaver!
    Military Cleaver used CLEAVE!
    It’s Super Effective!

    See an enemy with enough dmg to kill you?

    I choose you, Heater Shield!
    Heater Shield used SHIELDWALL!
    It’s Super Effective!

    See an enemy with distance you can’t reach?
    I choose you, Billhook!
    Billhook used IMPALE!
    It’s Super Effective!

    Not only this perk has stunning effect, it gave purposes to so many weapons. From effect to purpose, it has to be best tier one perk among all categories.

    Also, you probably know you need Batman Belt to put all your pokeballs, right?

    Student ==> Yeah I learn stuff 20% faster! But…… I’ll never learn that perk point which was gone. A forum member has said this before, this perk should be “Mentor” which enables other allies to gain 20% extra exp.

    Shield Bash ==> Knock Back skill now also inflicts 17 dmg (10~25) and 10 fatigue to enemy. First thing, you’re not Captain America. Your attacks with shield won’t hurt enemy for good. Second thing, enemy always have at least 15 fatigue at start of his turn. Inflicting 10 fatigue to him has no significant or meaningful impact.

    Pathfinder ==>
    Unless you decided not to step into forest again, you must take this perk. If you have taken Perfect Focus, you MUST take this perk. Otherwise, moving to tile with height difference (3AP) will stop you from using Perfect Focus (7AP).

    Brawny ==> Good but probably will never be taken by anyone. Because its tier two alternatives are far more useful than it.

    Battle Flow ==> Fighting is so tiresome. You know, raise the blade, swing the blade. Kill enemy, gets tired. Kill enemy, gets energized. What the f- did I just said? That’s right. YOU MUST TAKE THIS PERK for all of your attackers. Rally the Troops can be its alternative, ONLY IF you’ve decided not to move your attackers or deploy them slowly.

    Footwork ==> allows you to move ONE TILE without triggering free attacks, when you’re next to an enemy, by using 4AP and 25 FATIGUE. This perk doesn’t really give you any advantage to win a battle, it just provides you an emergency plan at relatively high cost. I don’t know if anyone considers this as a “perk”.

    Captain ==> Wide radius of effect. Your brothers can get confident more easily, and harder to waver. Other brothers can use Rally the Troops with satisfying effect if your Captain has high resolve. If you have a brother with high resolve, this is good perk for him.

    Weaponmaster ==> -20% fatigue cost, by this description alone you know it is useful perk. HOWEVER, you can skip this perk because we have Battle Flow and Rally the Troops.

    Fearsome ==> It gives you a chance to reduce enemy morale when you hit their armor. In my experiment with limited data, it has about 20% proc rate. The success rate relies on enemy’s Resolve value, but I don’t think they vary a lot unless they have Captain perk. If you’re going for offensive style and take offense perks, you will usually kill the enemy before you waver them with Fearsome. Could be handy for defensive style.

    Rally the Troops ==>
    One of the only 2 tier three perks that lives up to the name of “Tier Three Perks/Ultimate Perks”. Wide radius of effect.
    1) If you have two or more Rally brothers, you can have INFINITE STAMINA for your troops, at expense of reduced attackers and delayed advance/march.
    2) This effect is rather deadly. If you wait turn until enemy comes rather close, you can ACT TWICE IN SUCCESSION. Wait turn for enemy to approach, attack them at end of this round, Rally, then you can attack them AGAIN at start of the next round. BECAUSE you have higher initiative as you’re fresh as new due to Rally. This gives so much advantage which is enough to turn the tide of a tough battle.

    Inspiring Presence ==>
    Not bad as a perk, but not worthy of the title “Tier Three Perks”. You can replicate its effect to a lesser extent with Captain perk. Even if you can’t, you will never choose this over Rally the Troops. Not to mention your brothers will get Confident status in middle of battle, so does it really matters to begin the fight with Confident status, by using tier three perk?

    in reply to: Defense Skill Tree Discussion #4823

    [Game version]

    Colossus ==> A lv1 hedge knight has about 65 max hp. If you increase hp every level, you will get about 30 (3×10) max hp. In conjunction with colossus, you’ll reach about 120 max hp. By sacrificing 1/3 stat points and 1 tier one perk point, you get about 50 extra max hp.

    Worth it? You probably don’t want to know the damage of enemy weapons.

    Would this be better if you spend 1/3 stat points in defense stats, and spent the tier one perk point for other alternatives?

    Shield Expert ==>
    +25% (round down) defense bonus granted by shield, also +25% (round down) defense bonus granted by shieldwall. Now this is something we call a “perk”.

    Deflect ==> useless perk top 10. There are two things that cannot be broken. Your faith, and your shield. The faith of a bro is indestructible (you don’t have to bro fist me, it’s common sense). The shield is immortal because enemy rarely attacks it.

    Battle Forged ==> the counterpart of Sundering Strikes. Effectively increases your armor value to 125% (by reducing armor dmg taken by 20%).
    1 tier one perk point for 25% extra armor value, if you still want something else you must be a greedy bastard.

    Dodge ==>
    15% of Initiate stat becomes bonus to melee&range defense stat. So we have to talk about Initiative stat before discuss this perk. Initiative is useful but it doesn’t worth any of your stats point because there are far more important stats. This perk is obviously a compensation and encouragement for Initiative. This perk loses its effect once you’re hit, making it disadvantageous in prolonged or tough battles. Enemies have at least 5% chance to hit you, making this perk even less useful.

    Hold Out ==>
    Double the bonus granted by Confident status. You have 5 more % chance to hit and 5 more % chance to dodge. These look like small numbers but it actually create great difference in combat strength. If you have both Nimble and Hold Out, the Confident status increases your melee defense by 20. I can’t say this is an award winning perk, but it is definitely a very solid perk.

    Fortified Mind ==>
    If you have never experienced supernatural incident in real life, you have no excuse to choose this perk. Ghost? Does it worth 1 tier two perk point? Think about it. Well devs said they are going add more ghosts in the game.

    Nine Lives ==>
    IT’S NOT….. OVER!!! I’m NOT done with you~~~!!!” This should be the manliest and coolest perk in the game, only if it’s not one of the weakest. Man, 1 tier two perk just to take a fatal blow per battle? Also, what has this perk to do with the number “nine”, it’s only once! Mr. Cat finds this insulting and suggests you to change the perk name to Die Hard.

    Nimble ==> I don’t need to say anything. Just wear the heaviest armor and be nimble!

    Anticipation ==>
    It’s actually nice, only if it’s tier one perk. I dunno…… a tier two perk only for about 15% chance to dodge a projectile is little cruel, I guess.

    Steel brow ==>
    Another top 10 useless perk. I don’t even feel like explaining.

    Rotation ==>
    One of the reasons why players still bat an eyelash at defense perks. I’ve never tried it but I know it’s good stuff just from reading the skill description.

    Indomitable ==>
    It’s a little too weak for a tier three perk, but too strong for tier two perk. Looking at its effect and duration, it’s likely to be a counterpart of Killing Frenzy, with additional abilities to immune stun, push and grab.

    Return Favor ==> “This is the end for you orcs, die!!!”

    “Huh, what do you mean you’re not orc?”

    “You mean you’re Orc Warrior?”

    *after a while*

    “Ughh…. my bleeding just won’t stop….”

    “I don’t understand this…. tier three perk is not only the ultimate crystallization of all my martial knowledge and proficiency…..”

    “Most importantly, It’s…..”

    “MY PRIDE!!! My Symbol!!! The reason everyone is looking up to me…” *coughing blood*

    “W-W-Why…………. wouldn’t it work?” *sword slips away from the grip*

    in reply to: PipBoy's Big List of Suggestions #4822

    2h axe’s Round Swing has low damage per fatigue cost, and -20% chance to hit. I would bet 5 cents that one of the devs was injured by an axe’s round swing when he was a child. It’s not payback or anything, it’s just nature of human.

    Sword, king of all weapons. Greatsword, king of all swords. I thought it’s not that hard to understand this. I don’t even see why you two should argue.

    …….just kidding.

    Greatsword, is good for most occasions, and best against groups of weak enemies.
    Greataxe, can kill orc warrior faster than greatsword with its Split Man skill.

    in reply to: Offense Skill Tree Discussion #4815

    [Game version]
    I’ll skip points that were mentioned here.

    Push the Advantage ==>
    This perk increases chance to hit head. As we have a choice to might hit either head or body, I’ve been thinking a good way to make good use of headshot. You know, like…… Boom! Head~shot! The best idea I can think is using Winged Mace to stun an enemy, then use Scramasax’s skill Puncture + Killer on the run background(+10% chance to hit head) to bypass armor and headshot him. This should work best against enemy with high armor.

    But even against Orc Warrior (enemy with high armor), you can kill him with less fatigue cost with other weapons and other tier 1 offense perk. (the result is based on mere mathematics, without actual field testing)

    Therefore, this perk is not meant for offense capability. It only means for extra firepower if you decided to use stun.

    Fast Adaptation ==> You should only give up this perk over other tier 1 offense perks, if you have to choose its alternatives for your specific build. With 95% as upper limit of chance to hit, you might think it is stupid to take this perk if your average chance to hit is around 90%. However, enemy’s shieldwall will greatly reduce your chance to hit. For offense’s sake, take it.

    Head Hunter ==> okay I lied about not mentioning what has been mentioned because this perk is amazing. Now listen very closely or you miss out on the gist of this perk.

    The closer you’re getting to penetrate the boss’s tummy, the higher the chance he will block your finishing blow with his helmet. In turn, this gives him better chance to penetrate your tummy. According to this logic, we must move Head Hunter to permanent debuff category.

    But it’s useful for enemies without helmet! Too bad the disadvantage greatly outweighed the advantage.

    Debilitate ==>
    uses 3AP and builds 30 fatigue, deactivates when your attack misses, ONLY for 50% dmg reduction for 1 round. Fantastic way to bully players who’ve accidentally picked this perk and overwritten the saved game.

    The unfortunate player is stuck with the perk until……….. we have mini boss. Yes miniboss, not enemy leaders. Because enemy leaders just use normal weapons like mobs. Or any other good reason to reduce an enemy unit’s dmg by 50% for a single round, by sacrificing a chance & fatigue to attack/kill him.

    Bullseye ==> it doesn’t look like tier 2 perk to me because its effect is a little weak. But it’s one of the two tier-2 offense perks a ranged brother will actually choose.

    Close Combat Archer ==> This perk is kinda awesome. I think it is actually on par with Long Range Pawn perk (the further you’re away from enemy, the higher your melee damage). Nothing complicated, really. Let’s take a look at it.

    At distance 2, your ranged damage is increased by 50%. Awesome!

    At distance 1, you can’t use ranged weapon at all (except firing 2 loaded crossbows with Quick Hands). Exciting!

    So if you can actually make pretty good use of this perk, you’re probably not making the most of melee and range brothers.

    Killing Frenzy ==> I used to think nobody will choose this perk because of Perfect Focus, until I saw this thread. Provided your brothers always increase max fatigue upon level up, you should still choose Perfect Focus for better offense even if you’re wearing heraldic mail. Unless…… you’re actually wearing both heraldic mail and full helm. Then you will have insufficient max fatigue for Perfect Focus. But enemy should have about ¼ chance to hit your head, so why should you wear helmet with 300 durability if your armor is 320 durability? You should wear helmet around 90 durability. Just remember to keep an eye for enemy’s 2h axe and you will not need a heavy helmet.

    >> It turns out Perfect Focus is garbage for crossbowmen.

    You’re probably not using Perfect Focus the right way.

    >> The +40 fatigue when you use Perfect Focus just doesn’t allow for much shooting and reloading.

    Your ranged brother can fire crossbow at least 3 times, even if he’s wearing heraldic mail for no good reason (can fire at least 4 times with woven tunic). The 40 fatigue cost is not the real problem. The real problem is crossbow doesn’t punch hard enough so it has harder time to restore its fatigue with Battle Flow. The fatigue cost can be remedied with Rally the Troops. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that crossbow deliver softer punch than melee weapons.

    Incidentally, this synergy between Perfect Focus and high dmg melee weapon is also a reason why melee weapon outshined range weapons.

    But since high melee damage can’t replace ranged damage due to their range difference, Perfect Focus is justifiable for crossbowmen if a player thinks range damage is justifiable.

    Also, I’ll skip other points regarding Perfect Focus because everyone is pretty familiar with this perk.

    in reply to: Utility perk "Fearsome" #4814

    Σ(゜゜) I forgot the success rate is actually related to enemy’s Resolve.

    Ughhh…. This means even lower proc rate when enemy has Captain perk   O|¯|_

    in reply to: Real Value of Ranged Brothers #4813

    We need an enthusiast to do this experiment:

    1) backup your save or make a new save slot

    2) Find a bandit group, kill all but keep one melee bandit. Then retreat from battle.

    3) Kick all brothers but keep 2 brothers with similar stats, which also have at least one unspent perk point respectively. Make them wear same equipment and learn Taunt.

    4) Save the game. Surround the melee bandit with 2 brothers. Make sure they have same distance with each other. Either brother uses Taunt and see the result.

    5) Run this simulation several times. Either brother use shieldwall or wear heavier armor to see if their disinterest effect outweigh the attraction effect of Taunt.

    WELL, that’s what I wanted to say….. but I’ve done this experiment myself. Because Jaffai’s experience is hinting me a hypothesis, I wanna find out if it’s true.

    1) you probably need high resolve for this perk to have noticeable effect ==> the 2 brothers in experiment have 100 resolve respectively (probably the highest you can get, Adventurous Noble + Fearless Trait + 30 resolve stats growth). If I remember correctly, I’ve tried Taunt with 50 resolve but it has almost no effect at all. But at that time I wasn’t performing experiment so I didn’t pay much attention to the details.

    2) its effect is probably very small (even at 100 resolve) ==> when two brothers with similar stats & equipment have equal distance with enemy, the enemy will always attack the Taunting brother. But when a brother uses shieldwall, enemy will always choose another brother even if the former brother uses Taunt. The effect of Taunt if probably small and can be easily outweighed by other factors.

    My experiment results might be not very accurate as I didn’t run the simulation more than 7~8 times, because I’ve no faith in this perk at all. I hope this helps anyone who still believes in this perk in some way.

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    There are 2 guys standing on ground. The first guy slapped a stranger and paid one million as compensation and other guy just do nothing. The stranger prefers the first guy. So yes, slapping another’s face makes the person prefer you as far as I know.

    Please don’t get me wrong or hate me. I just find this a little funny so I can’t help myself (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

    Of course I know you’re trying to contribute your experience to make the community better.

    In case you still get the wrong idea, I apologize in advance m(_ _)m

    in reply to: Real Value of Ranged Brothers #4802

    >> Here is an excellent discussion about banners.
    Nice stuff. Thanks a bunch m(_ _)m
    Only if we have time machine…. No I mustn’t be excited or reality will strike again.

    >> By the way, how is taunt talent working?
    Its advantage…….. an insanely large radius of effect (its diameter probably has 10 tiles or more).

    When every brother has an unspent perk point, let all your brothers learn Taunt simultaneously. Then overwrite all save files.

    By the way, I forgot to say its disadvantage. Most people here claimed it has almost no effect.

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