Archive: February 2014 - Battle Brothers Developer Blog


Dev Blog #6 Progress Report – Whats happening at Battle Brothers

This week we give you an update on whats been going on with the project recently, what progress we’ve made and what we’ll be working on next!


Dev Blog #5 Concept Art – Explaining Battle Brothers’ Character Art Style

With Battle Brothers we are using a distinct design and artstyle, especially regarding the characters. In this dev blog we want to share with you the story behind the design and explain which decisions and reasons led up to the […]


Dev Blog #4 Tactical combat mechanics in Battle Brothers

In the last article we explored our underlying game design philosophy, or “mantras”, behind the tactical combat and set out the goals we wanted to achieve. Now lets see what mechanics we came up with. Bear in mind that at […]


Dev Blog #3 Designing the combat system for Battle Brothers

When coming up with the game design for Battle Brothers we instantly knew that the tactical combat will need a huge amount of attention. The tactical combat is where you put your tactics, your equipment and of course your battle […]