Archive: October 2015 - Battle Brothers Developer Blog


Dev Blog #58: Progress Update – Factions, Part 2

Last week we’ve talked about the introduction of different human factions to the world of Battle Brothers, another important feature that will change how the game is played. We’ll continue this now and talk some more about noble houses, settlements […]


Dev Blog #57: Progress Update – Factions, Part 1

Things are progressing nicely on our end. Many mechanics of the new worldmap are already in place – albeit largely with placeholder visuals and still in need of some refinement. This week, we’ll cover an entirely new and very important […]


Dev Blog #56: Progress Update – Attached Locations

Previously we’ve talked about how settlements work once you’ve entered them (Dev Blog #53). This week we talk about how settlements will work on the new worldmap based on an entirely new concept: attached locations. These are special locations that […]


Dev Blog #55: Progress Update – Region Labels and Worldmap Exploration

While we’re busy working on the new worldmap, there’s two new features we want to talk to you about today: distinct regions on the worldmap that have names of their own, and better worldmap exploration through the use of Fog […]


Dev Blog #54: Progress Update – Village Screens and Worldmap Terrain

This week we’ve been hard at work implementing both the new village screen we talked about last week, as well as finding an overall visual style for all the new terrain types of our redone worldmap. Let’s take a look!