Archive: February 2016 - Battle Brothers Developer Blog


Worldmap Update Released

Finally, the big worldmap update has arrived! Battle Brothers has made a huge step towards completion and to how the finished game will play. Below you’ll find a list of all the major changes and additions to the game. And […]


Let’s Play – Worldmap Update, Episode 2

Our new Let’s Play series in anticipation of the update coming on Monday, the 29th, continues with episode 2 today. We make some crowns on the side by trading and take on our first contract to hunt down bandits. Sadly, […]


Let’s Play – Worldmap Update, Episode 1

Here we go again! In anticipation of the big update hitting next Monday, the 29th, our very own Jaysen starts a brand new Let’s Play series with developer commentary to explain all the new additions and changes to the game. […]


Dev Blog #72: Progress Update – Tutorial, Music, Experienced Mercs

With the finishing line in sight, this will be our last regular progress update before the big update on the 29th. Today we’ll cover some more changes to the game and our reasoning behind them: A new introduction and tutorial, […]


Dev Blog #71: Progress Update – Taverns & Tracking

Two more features join the list for the update on February 29th this week. Taverns are a hub for information and mood management of your men, and tracking allows you to follow or avoid other parties on the worldmap more […]


Dev Blog #70: Progress Update – Customizing Appearances, Nighttime Vista

Work continues on balancing, bugfixing and adding more content to the game for the update on February 29th. We’re also adding some more minor features, one of which we’ll take a closer look at today: the ability to customize the […]