Archive: December 2015 - Battle Brothers Developer Blog


Update Preview Video

Happy holidays, everyone! As a special treat we have a preview video showing many of the new features and changes on the worldmap of Battle Brothers in action. Just keep in mind that all of this is still work-in-progress and […]


Dev Blog #65: Progress Update – Provisions & Sound

Food connoisseurs rejoice! Provisions received a rework this week and are more diverse than ever. Also, we implemented a system to dynamically mix ambience sounds in the game for a richer atmosphere. Let’s read about it!


Dev Blog #64: Progress Update – Oceans and Sea Travel

Ever wondered why there is no big body of water in the world of Battle Brothers? Well, wonder no more because now there is! And you can even fast travel from port to port for a small fee to cut […]


Dev Blog #63: Progress Update – Map, Faction Leaders

Time is flying by as the settlement screens get finished and we move on to work on the actual map part of the worldmap. Let’s take a closer look!