Archive: May 2014 - Battle Brothers Developer Blog


New Gameplay Video: Hunting Werewolves

As work is continuing on the game we felt it was about time to give you another gameplay video so that you can see what status the game is in right now. This time we are going werewolf hunting in […]


Dev Blog #16: Progress Update – Game Trailer, Perk System and Character Screen Redesign

We have a bunch of new things to show you this week. As work continues on the strategic part of the game, we give you a preview on the perk system for Battle Brothers. We also have a new weapon, […]


Dev Blog #15: Progress Update – Fatalities, new weapons and more…

While we said before that our focus is now on the strategy part of the game, we’re constantly tempted to add little things to the tactical part as well. Seeing you play the demo and provide feedback gives us a […]