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Update – New UI launched

After tinkering with it over the last week in the beta branch, the new UI has just launched to propel Battle Brothers further towards being a finished game. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped us ironing out any issues!


New UI released to Beta Branch!

Here we go – the new UI is now live for the beta branch of Battle Brothers!


Announcement: New UI coming next week

Good news, everyone! The reworked UI is almost ready to go. It sports a new look of wood and iron, and comes with two long-awaited additions: A larger roster with reserves and a customizable formation for battle.


Dev Blog #76: Progress Update – Reworked UI, Extended Roster, Customizable Formation

Overhauling the UI is mostly done now, save for a few minor quirks and a single screen left: the character screen. Here’s where things get interesting, because we’re not just giving it a facelift but are introducing an extended roster […]