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Dev Blog #14: Combat Demo Updated – Changelog

Has it been a week already? We’ve updated the Pre-Alpha Combat Demo of Battle Brothers to fix the bugs you guys reported and add a bunch of features you requested. Chief among them are the new optional armor and hitpoint […]


Dev Blog #13: Combat Demo Released!

It’s done. Finally! Get out your party hats as it’s time to celebrate the release of the Pre-Alpha Combat Demo of Battle Brothers. You can download it here! Just keep a few points in mind when you give it a […]


Dev Blog #12: Battle Brothers OST – Main Menu Theme

After spending the last few days giving the final touches to our Pre-Alpha Combat Demo we can now happily announce that it will be available by the end of this very week! We’re really excited about finally giving a first […]


Dev Blog #11: Progress Video and Line Battle Commentary

We didn’t do a video in a long time and so we felt this was overdue. At the pace we are making progress on the project the videos get outdated pretty fast, but we made a new one nevertheless. In […]