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Dev Blog #27: AI in Battle Brothers, Part 1

This week things get more technical as we shine a light on the Artifical Intelligence, or AI, that controls opponents in the game. If you’ve played the later scenarios of the combat demo, you may have found the AI serviceable […]


Dev Blog #26: Mercenary Contracts and Greenlight Update

Phew! It’s been one week now since we launched on Steam Greenlight, and what a ride it’s been! According to Steam, we’re now 63% on the way to the top 100. Not too shabby for one week, but still a […]


Battle Brothers launched on Greenlight!

Battle Brothers is now on Steam Greenlight! If we can gather enough votes the game will be available on Steam once it is finished, which would be a huge step forward. So please help us spread the word and head […]


Dev Blog #25: Battle Brothers FAQ continued

As we were not able to cover all questions in our last FAQ posting we decided to do another one. You will definitely learn something new about the game when reading through them. If you have any questions not covered, […]