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Dev Blog #39: Progress Update – Background and Trait Icons, Escorting Caravans, Final Let’s Play Episode

Over the last week we’ve been focusing on filling up missing content, playtesting and balancing the game. Most changes and additions are rather small by themselves but the game as a whole is making big progress as a whole. Furthermore […]


Let’s Play Battle Brothers continued (Pre-Early Access Version)

Our Let’s Play adventures continue in part 2 and 3 this week. All the while we’re busy at work polishing those rough edges and hunting down all the bugs. We should have a progress update for you next week with […]


Let’s Play Battle Brothers Part 1 (Pre-Early Access Version)

We are ecstatic to be able to show you the first full gameplay video of Battle Brothers! This Let’s Play was done with a development build that is still very much work in progress. Although the game isn’t ready yet […]