Archive: October 2014 - Battle Brothers Developer Blog


Dev Blog #30: Orc Faction Reveal

We’ve gotten many a question regarding the enemy diversity in Battle Brothers. Until now we always had to put off these questions – but not any longer. We present to you the first major faction after the Undead: The Orcs! […]


Battle Brothers has been Greenlit!

After just a little more than a month on Steam Greenlight we made it – Battle Brothers has just been given the green light! We are extremely happy and excited about how fast things went down in the end and […]


Dev Blog #29: Progress Update – Greenlight, Greenskins and Persistent Campaigns

It’s been one month now since we’ve launched on Steam Greenlight. Time to give you an update: we’re at 91% of the way to the top 100. So close and yet so far. Unfortunately, daily votes for us have slowed […]


Dev Blog #28: Music in Battle Brothers

With our Steam Greenlight campaign still running and us busy working on the strategic worldmap, this week we’ll get some insight into how music is created for Battle Brothers and how it helps to shape the experience of playing the […]