Archive: November 2015 - Battle Brothers Developer Blog


Dev Blog #62: Progress Update – Contracts, Part 2

In last week’s update we talked about what we feel needs to be improved regarding contracts in the game, and introduced new mechanics to do just that. This week we’ll walk through one of the new contracts together to get […]


Dev Blog #61: Progress Update – Contracts, Part 1

This week we’re talking mercenary contracts. They are a core feature for a game about managing a mercenary company, so we’re redesigning how they work in order to have them be more interesting, varied and reactive to your choices. Let’s […]


Dev Blog #60: Progress Update – Settlement Screens

With most of the assets for the noble houses now in place we have returned to fleshing out what you see as you enter the various settlements on the worldmap. We previously worked with placeholder images to get the mechanics […]


Dev Blog #59: Progress Update – Standard Bearers & Knights

Work on factions in the world of Battle Brothers continues and ties into the tactical combat part of the game this week, as noble houses get lots of nifty stuff to wear and get their own identity  on the battlefield. […]