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Dev Blog #10 Progress Report – An Update on Battle Brothers

Time for another progress update on everything Battle Brothers – UI, inventory, sound effects and more! 


Dev Blog #9: A Battle Brothers After Action Report

This is an imaginary After Action Report (AAR) of a couple of ingame days in the full version of Battle Brothers. It describes in a prosaic way the events that will and can actually happen in the full game. We […]


Dev Blog #8: Public Pre-Alpha Combat Demo coming soon

As you might be aware from reading our previous blog posts and watching our gameplay videos, we already have the combat part of Battle Brothers in a playable state. Now we want to put our game to the test and […]


Dev Blog #7: Worldmap reveal and strategic gameplay

So far we only talked about the tactical combat part of the game because we focused on developing it first, it is already fully playable and there was a lot to talk about. Now is the time to present the […]