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Let’s Play Battle Brothers  – Goblin Update

It has been quite a while since the last official let’s play so we decided that we will give it another go with the latest Goblin Update on the challenging difficulty setting. The focus of the series is to entertain […]


Goblin Update – Bugfixes and Balancing Changes

With so many new things added or changed with last week’s huge ‘Goblin Update’ it doesn’t come as a surprise that quite a few new bugs popped up as well. This quick update fixes a bunch of them and brings […]


‘Goblin Update’ Release Notes and Changelog

We’re thrilled to announce that we just released the ‘Goblin Update’ to Steam! After reading about all the additions we made to the game for the past weeks, you can now finally dive into the game and experience them yourselves. […]


Dev Blog #51: Goblin Faction Reveal

We’re excited to finally be able to reveal the newest addition to the world of Battle Brothers: The Goblins. They come with unique characters, skills, weapons and armor, and lore of their own. All of those things we’ll talk about […]


Dev Blog #50: Progress Update – Goblin Update Next Week, Orc Visual Makeover

You’ve already read the headline: The ‘Goblin Update’ will go live next week! Break out your heater shields, dust off your helmets, bid your savegames farewell and get ready for the big update. With the Goblins all new and shiny, […]


“Orchestrating the Onslaught” – The Music of Battle Brothers

Music is an integral part of any game and even more for a fantasy game like Battle Brothers. It sets the atmosphere for a relaxed visit to the town or a bloodcurdling fight against undead at night. In addition to our […]