Archive: August 2014 - Battle Brothers Developer Blog


Dev Blog #24: Progress update #2 and “dead canyons” gameplay commentary

Over the past weeks a lot of new features found their way into the development build and its about time we showcase them. In the video you can see the new character screen layout, the perk system and the new […]


Dev Blog #23: About our motivation and inspiration

This week we go into our personal inspiration and motivation so you may get a better understanding of why we are making this game and what keeps us going. Two of our team members talk about what inspired them to start […]


Dev Blog #22: Battle Brothers FAQ

Over the past weeks a lot of the same questions emerged regarding Battle Brothers and all of its aspects. We thought it would be helpful for many to compile them here with our answers so that you don’t have to […]


Dev Blog #21: Ghosts ‘n Ghouls

The undead are the first major faction we presented you out of several more that we have planned. It is also the faction featured in our tactical combat demo. Today, we’ll present you the two latest additions to our undead […]