Archive: July 2015 - Battle Brothers Developer Blog


Dev Blog #48: Progress Update – Throwing Weapons, Visual Makeover Continued

The first Goblins have made their way into the game and are now being playtested. While that’s going on, as always, we’ve implemented a bunch of smaller things from our todo. The most important one this week: Throwing Weapons and […]


Dev Blog #47: Progress Update – Wardogs, Armor Mechanics, Visual Makeover

Work continues on implementing Goblins. While that’s going on, we’re also doing some things that have been on our todo list for some time – adding wardogs and changing the armor mechanics. In addition, Paul is doing a makeover of […]


Dev Blog #46: Progress Update – Worn Armor and Goblin Preview

As we explained previously, the next update to the game will take us a few weeks to get done. In the meantime we invite you to take a look at what we’re working on and how progress is going. This […]


Dev Blog #45: Named Items

This week’s update adds named items with unique looks and randomized stats as rare loot for the most powerful opponents, fixes a critical bug with last week’s retreat mechanic, adds some new events and includes quite a few balancing changes.


Dev Blog #44: Retreating Enemies

This week’s update adds a new feature to the game – enemies can now retreat from battle! Also, we’ve added a new weapon, a new armor, and a bunch of new events. Existing events have been tweaked a bit for […]