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Dev Blog #84: Mood and Desertion

As you may know from studying our roadmap, the upcoming update will also overhaul some minor worldmap mechanics. This week we’re taking a look at what’s going to change with the mood system and desertion mechanics. Let’s go!


Dev Blog #82: Roadmap to the Finish Line

Battle Brothers has come a long way since it entered Early Access over a year ago, in April of 2015. Every update has brought it a step closer towards being a finished game – and there’s still a few more […]


Perk & Injury Update Released!

Huzzah, the new perk & injury update of Battle Brothers just left the beta branch and is now ready to be played by everyone. A big thanks to all of you who tirelessly reported any bugs these past weeks!


The Music of Battle Brothers

We’ve entered full production now on the excitingly gruesome new injury mechanics and will be revealing them to you next week in a detailed blog post. For now, we give the word to our talented musicians to listen to and […]


Dev Blog #76: Progress Update – Reworked UI, Extended Roster, Customizable Formation

Overhauling the UI is mostly done now, save for a few minor quirks and a single screen left: the character screen. Here’s where things get interesting, because we’re not just giving it a facelift but are introducing an extended roster […]


Dev Blog #65: Progress Update – Provisions & Sound

Food connoisseurs rejoice! Provisions received a rework this week and are more diverse than ever. Also, we implemented a system to dynamically mix ambience sounds in the game for a richer atmosphere. Let’s read about it!