Battle Brothers has been Greenlit!


Battle Brothers has been Greenlit!

After just a little more than a month on Steam Greenlight we made it – Battle Brothers has just been given the green light!

We are extremely happy and excited about how fast things went down in the end and we want to take the time to give you guys a big THANK YOU for all the support, comments, votes, encouraging messages and of course for spreading the word!

Without the engagement, effort and enthusiasm of you guys this would not have been possible!

Now with the Greenlight success we can again point all our resources towards game development itself.

Next stop: Early Access in January

With the latest Greenlight success we can now look ahead to the upcoming Battle Brothers Early Access version. If all goes to plan you can expect it in January 2015 on Steam. The EA will contain a fully playable campaign with all core mechanics in place. Of course, it will still miss content from the full game and some secondary features. As we get nearer to release, we’ll let you know in a dedicated article what exactly is going to be in the Early Access version and what will be added later, so you can get all hyped up about it ;)

Indie RPG Developer Reddit AMA on Sunday, October 19th

Want to learn more about the guys behind Battle Brothers? Want to know how Indie RPGs are developed in general? Have a question for us about anything? Want to get to know other great games?

Then don’t miss the “Ask Me Anything”, or AMA, we’re doing on reddit together with the bros from Graal Seeker, That Which Sleeps and Dungeon Kingdom.

The AMA will be on Sunday, October 19th at 17:00 CET, 11am EST. We’ll let you know the link here, on our Twitter Channel and on Facebook in a few days.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the AMA:

Thank you all again and keep reading the dev blogs – we have a lot more stuff up our sleeves!

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    Oct 30, 2014 @ 14:02 pm

    Congratulations on the greenlight. I will definitely be buying the EA version to help you out. I really think BB would be fun to have on a tablet as well. I know you haven’t officially announced an Ipad version as I am sure How it sells on Steam will determine that. Anyway, I hope it is something you at least consider. Good luck with the pending Steam release!

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