Hiring UI Developer & Game Preview (German)


Hiring UI Developer & Game Preview (German)

Due to a recent change in our team we are now looking for a UI programmer to support us in the development of our project. If you are an experienced UI programmer, this can be a chance for you to become a part of Overhype Studios and develop Battle Brothers together with us! See below for more information.

Also, the venerable Writing Bull was nice enough to sit down with our very own Jaysen yesterday and do a guided Let’s Play while interviewing about the game, our development and our future plans. The interview is in German only and well worth a listen. Take a look at the first of three parts here:

Also, you may want to check out his Blog (German) on game culture and strategy gaming. Thanks again!

Hiring UI Developer – HTML/JS/CSS, C/C++ a plus

Join us to work on Battle Brothers – a turn-based strategy RPG mix developed for PC, Linux and Mac. The gameplay and setting are inspired by such classics as Mount & Blade, Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat and X-Com.

We are Overhype Studios, a small indie company based in Hamburg, Germany. The three of us, an artist, a programmer and a producer, all have previous professional experience in working on games. Now, the first game we’re developing as a team is Battle Brothers. You can find more information, including gameplay videos and a developer’s blog, at www.battlebrothersgame.com.

Battle Brothers is close to ready for an Early Access release, scheduled for the end of February 2015. The game was successfully greenlit on Steam back in autumn of 2014 and has received press coverage from several online magazines, including Rock, Paper, Shotgun where it made the Best Games of 2015 list. We have a fully playable combat demo available here which was met with very favourable reviews.

What we’re looking for in you is a developer mainly responsible for the game’s UI. The game is based on our engine written in C++, using Squirrel for scripting most of the gameplay and Awesomium for a HTML driven UI. As such, you’d need advanced knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS to create the UI for Battle Brothers. A good part of the game’s UI is already done, but as our former UI developer will be unable to continue his work, you’d have to take over and work with an existing code base. Further, knowledge of C/C++ would be a huge plus and would allow for possible other programming tasks beyond the UI in the future.

We’re interested in a longterm relationship with you, a professional and reliable individual, for the development of the game for the whole Early Access period and also beyond. Although we can not offer much compensation up-front, with the game close to public release, monetary compensation is not just an idle promise. Currently, only one of us works fulltime on the game, the other two doing it in their spare time, and we’re flexible in discussing with you how much time you can invest into the game at this point and how best we can compensate you.


  • Advanced knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Experience in UI Design & Development
  • Experience in Game Development
  • Ability to quickly learn new C-style languages
  • Ability to quickly get your bearings in an existing code base
  • Fluency in English and/or German

Optional Skills

  • Advanced knowledge of C/C++ would be a huge plus
  • Knowledge of Awesomium is a plus
  • Knowledge of the Squirrel Scripting Language is a plus
  • Knowledge of Linux and Mac development is a plus

What’s in it for you

  • Valuable experience from working with a professional team
  • The opportunity to work on a great game that actually gets finished
  • The opportunity to have creative input on the game
  • Monetary Compensation

If you feel this is a job for you, apply via email at contact@overhypestudios.com – we look forward to hearing from you!

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