Worldmap Update


Worldmap Update

This update adds a reimagined version of the ‘Escort Caravan’ contract to the game. You’re now part of the actual caravan and don’t have to manually travel alongside it anymore. While the caravan travels, controls are locked from you, but time will pass faster until the destination is reached. The contract doubles as a way to fast-travel around the world and may also give you added safety with the caravan hands and guards in the beginning of the game. Be sure to take ample provisions before you start your journey!

The contract system has seen a general change. Contracts now vary in difficulty and payment as indicated by a rating of between one to three skulls. If you’ve taken some losses and need to rebuild your company, taking on easier contracts with a one-skull-rating might be a wise decision. On the other hand, if you don’t feel challenged enough, take on a contract with a three-skull-rating and get paid handsomely. Note that the skull ratings are rough estimates and don’t necessarily mean that a contract has to always be easy or hard for you. In an open world you can always run into roaming enemies, and how you fare against certain opponents will depend heavily on your equipment, leveling and tactics.

Finally, this update also adds our first all-new combat environment: the dry and flat steppe. Here’s how it looks in the game.



  • Added new ‘Escort Caravan’ contract.
  • Added two new events.
  • Added steppe combat environment.
  • Added more debug output to logfile in order to help track down some remaining issues.
  • Changed contracts to vary in difficulty (and payment) as indicated by a rating of between one to three skulls.
  • Changed larger settlement factions to potentially offer more than one contract at a time.
  • Changed Orc Line Battle scenario to take place in the steppe.
  • Changed Riposte appearing as a negative factor in the hitchance breakdown only when the opponent is actually in range to execute a counter-attack.
  • Changed game to no longer pause when out of focus. Remember to hit Spacebar or Escape to pause on the worldmap before alt-tabbing out!
  • Fixed potential crash on worldgen.
  • Fixed destinations for ‘Armed Courier’ contract not being uncovered on the map in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with AI of Withered Vampires that prevented them from using the Darkflight skill in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with AI of Orc Warriors that had them use the Line Breaker skill when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed armor for helmets displayed as floating point value in some cases.
  • Fixed wrong effectiveness vs. armor of pitchfork.
  • Fixed various text errors.
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  • Avatar photo
    Mar 18, 2016 @ 17:07 pm

    Couldn’t be happier with the skull system implemented! I like the caravan changes too! You guys rock!

  • Avatar photo
    Mar 18, 2016 @ 17:11 pm

    “Changed contracts to vary in difficulty (and payment) as indicated by a rating of between one to three skulls.”

    Excellent! This was sorely needed. Even though the Brothers have built up high reputation, being stuck on only the hardest contracts is pretty bad if you take major losses.

  • Avatar photo
    Mar 18, 2016 @ 17:14 pm

    … miiight want to provide food and other supplies to brothers during caravan trips. I’m already foreseeing problems with the players miscalculating how much food they need to bring and then being brought against their will, unable to stop and buy more.

    Or at least estimate how many days of supplies the players need and telling the players before joining the caravan.

  • Avatar photo
    Mar 18, 2016 @ 17:27 pm

    Great Stuff! Agree with Mrbunnyman. Should be stops at villages and other settlements, so the company can restock with supplies.

  • Avatar photo
    Wouter Lievens
    Mar 18, 2016 @ 18:50 pm

    You guys are awesome. I was actually wondering where the caravan missions had gone!

  • Avatar photo
    Mar 19, 2016 @ 3:31 am

    Good stuff.

  • Avatar photo
    Mar 19, 2016 @ 12:04 pm

    “Changed game to no longer pause when out of focus.”

    Beautiful! Thank You very much for this change!

  • Avatar photo
    Mar 20, 2016 @ 19:09 pm

    Small issue it seems with the new caravan mission. My game fails to load when you retreat from the mission if you engage in combat with vampires. This happened 100% of the time I do it.

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